After 07-02-11.  please go to  www.bcidot.org/hlp/0101-10.html



     What follows is an example of how you can copy/paste from any of the WebBOOKs mentioned Here.



    >>    Please go to this link or web page:    www.bcidot.org/webbooks/01/index.html  and choose a link to one of
             the named web pages…. example, web page “ePage 02”       Go there to view and then use your computer
             system to copy/paste.

     >>   Use "Ctrl A"  from your Windows keyboard to access the content of this entire “ePage 02” 

     >>   Right click and “copy” the entire web page content.

     >>   Then place a blank document (Word, etc.) on your Windows desktop

     >>   You go to this blank document and right click so you can  “paste”  the entire “ePage 02”  web page content
             into such a document.

     >>    Working within the document, you change font and size to your liking  and “save”.

     >>   You now have the equivalent of “ePage 02”  within your document for your personal application or use ----
             including access to indicated links, etc.

      >>    Choose only those web pages that meet your needs;  some you may want to only access and view via the Internet.



                                                Originated  04-19-10  Updated   06-14-10