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                    The use of QuickBooks (QBs) at a Church 

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Concluding Comments. 

       As I have mentioned earlier, my continuing prayer is that you smaller
Christ Centered Churches will make full use of the applicable TOOLs provided by the Internet and Computers as you weekly get financial information that answers the question:   How much money do we really have to spend this week ?

       One of the very best tools to accomplish this,  of course,  is the product known as QuickBooks Pro (QBs) that we have been reviewing within this WebBOOK .....  and you do NOT need the QB Non Profit version and the latest edition of QBs Pro.  

          Nor, as discussed herein, should the Church include their giving record keeping within QBs as such data is best integrated within their People database, etc.

         KEEP LOOKING UP!!

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