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                    TO: Interested School Ministries                                                                FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA-Auditor
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                     RE:  FAQ re qbSchar                                                                                    Originated:  May 2000.                                     

        Below are our answers to a series of F)requently A)sked Q)uestions on this topic. Let us know if you still have questions.

FAQ #1

Q -- What does Schar (QB) or qbSCHAR mean -- what is your perspective?

            A-- First, Schar is an acronym for Sch(ool) A(ccounts)  R(eceivable), or unpaid amounts of money due to a Christian School. See FAQ #2 below for qbSCHAR info. We pronounce it "Scar", but others have pronounced it "Shar". Schar is an extremely important 'next to cash' asset that must be judiciously managed by Christian School or Day Care Ministries. It has significant aspects of Parent public relations,  Please click here for more Schar resources here on www.bcidot.org .

FAQ #2

Q -- Then qbSCHAR must be Schar as managed via QuickBooks (TM) (QB)... right??

            A -- Correct. We are convinced that QuickBooks (TM) (QB) is a good answer to the accounting and reporting needs of most all Christian Schools and Day Care Units (see 0658 for more details re QB and Day Care Units Schar). It is very rewarding as we have 'quarter-backed' various Christian Ministries and Schools for the past decade or so in their use of Quicken first and now QuickBooks (TM) (QB) . Please access  0749  and go to a QB School Samples.

FAQ #3

Q -- Can QuickBooks (TM) (QB) handle the peculiarities of billing, collecting and reporting of a School's Semester/Year Tuition and Fees?

      A -- We have seen success in this. Please go to 0743  and view a QB Sample of what we call a ScharAge report; or a listing of what Parents owe and their lateness. After viewing this ask us for specifics as to things like:

   1> Installment features ---  The Parent (after high school the Student may be the person the School looks to for payment) arranges during registration to make at least Tuition payments (of course, net of applicable School Scholarships or Government loan help) throughout the year.

       As a part of the qbSCHAR - Sch)ool A)ccounts R)eceivable - system within QuickBooks (TM) (QB) , we recommend that following the registration process, you enter the entire projected installments into the Qb Schar system, or post-date these transactions. Then you have the option of printing this out for the Parent and thereby show them exactly when/how monthly charges will appear on their statement.   
     Another feature is that such a process allows the School to accurately project future monthly Earned Tuition Income.
      Let me know at  Jim@bcidot.org  if you have any questions about these matters.

   2>  Parents pay the Tuition for the entire Semester/Year at the time of registration, a credit balance continues in the Schar account until it is 'eaten away' as earned via the above monthly QB entry.   See also the value of a separate QB Pre-Paid Schar Control Account for this purpose.
   3> Applicable fees are charged when due from the Parent during the school year. The monthly statement flowing from QB would include both fees and QB Tuition as due.
   4 > The above monthly method of posting Tuition and Fees is also consonant with
ScharAge accounting and the Truism of reporting Tuition and Fee Income as earned - not simply when booked.  qbSCHAR also cares for the accounting control issue of constant agreement between the General Ledger Schar control account and it's subsidiary.  More Schar Truism information is found at 7010.  Go to 7401 for more info related to this.

FAQ #4

Q -- I have heard that some financial institutions assist the School in Schar matters. Do you have any perspective on this?

        A -- Yes, one such financial institution is the EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN CREDIT UNION (ECCU) located in Southern California. It was neat to see various services to Ministries come about when Jim Bramer served as Board Treasurer during most of the 1980s. One of these services is to assist Schools with Schar matters. This includes an arrangement for an efficient and thorough system for Parents to make their payments directly to the School's Bank account at ECCU Please go to 7010  for more information about such Tuition Management resources.  Also go to 7008  for some thought about the use of Plastic or Credits Cards for Schar matters. Go to 7403 for more info on such matters.

 FAQ #5

Q -- Does Schar work when Parents pay using their Credit Card?

  A --- Ah, you have touched on an area that is of    particular interest to us, since:

  •    PayToStay (students have to not be in class since Parents have not paid their bill) situations cause stress for the Parent/Student/School.

  •    Schools incur Bad Debts, or the Parents do not pay what has been loaned to them by the School and the School has less money to pay its expenses.

  •    Remove this stress possibility by requiring all Monthly Payment Parents to have a SCHAR CONTINGENCY plan.

  •   A SCHAR CONTINGENCY plan involves the School no longer loaning money to the Parent. The School is paid and someone else loans the Parent money. Either a financial institution or a Credit Card Company.

  •   The School provides a "Parent Emergency Fund" to assist a Parent when they have a legitimate emergency and can not make their loan payment. It is usually funded via a Special Fund Raising Project.

  •   Some Parents will ask the School to automatically use their Perk Credit Card (they get some type of ‘perk’ credit for every Plastic purchase) as they make their monthly payment in this manner.

  •   Some parents will prefer to pay in their usual fashion.

  •   And if their monthly payment is NOT made when due, they agree to pay a Late Charge fee. Usually after two consecutive Late Charge fees the above SCHAR CONTINGENCY plan goes into effect.

  •   Under this method, the School has timely cash inflow and can pay its obligations with NO Bad Debt expense.


Q -- I can see value within the various FAQ material above; how do you help schools like us and what would you charge to help us?

        A --  We provide Online "TO/FRO" services whereby we exchange Email and the actual QB Files with fellow Ministry ONLINERS. This includes an enabling "Online QB101" course whereby the QB Schar model QB file is exchanged. Go to  7014  for additional information along these lines. Go to 7402 for more info along these lines.


Q -- As appropriate, the School's needs might best be met with you being at our office. Is this an option at all?

        A --- Yes, but probably not really that necessary. Let me know at  Jim@bcidot.org  if you still have questions after reading and digesting this information.

       AFTER March 2013 be sure you understand the Online SCHAR system found at:.      http://www.bcidot.org/fwi/0944-13.html

    Please click here for list of Schar resources on www.bcidot.org . The bulk of this Publication originated in May 2000 and was. UPTD: April 15, 2013