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                            TO:  Interested Schools                                                                                         FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired Auditor-CPA
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                            RE:  Who Cares about Schar?                                                                             Originated:  January 2000                            

    Who cares about issues related to unpaid bills, or what people owe the Christian School, or SCHOOL ACCOUNT RECEIVABLES ( Schar)   ?
    Well...... along with the Christian School people who deal with such matters vocationally .... Jim Bramer does. 
    But a little perspective first before we share something that he presented to a School Board on St. Patrick's day a few years ago.

        Jim has been in and around Christian (Sch)ool (A)ccount (R)eceivable (Schar) systems and issues for nearly 4 decades.  He went to work and served Biola College (now University) as lead Accountant in the Spring of 1963 where he served for over 5 years. As a CPA/Auditor serving Christian Schools (and other Christian Ministries) since then, one of his major concerns/interests has been the effective management of what Parents or Students owe to a Christian School in the way of Tuition and/or Fees. Some of the ways this has been demonstrated include:

  • Attempted some innovative Biola Accounts Receivable collection concepts.

  • Provided a service whereby Parents made payments to an agency and not directly to the school.

  • Developed/designed/marketed/provided School Accounts Receivable Computer systems.

  • Over two decades ago, coined the term "Schar" as an acronym for 'Sch'ool 'A'ccounts 'R'eceivable. Some of us refer to it as "Scar", others can it 'Shar'.

  • He has lead and/or participated in Schar Seminars.

  • Developed various means of articulating Christian School policies as to what was owed to them.

  • Came up with the term "PAY-TO-STAY"; or how long does a student stay in school when their Tuition or Fees are unpaid

  • Some time ago provided the "Assn of Christians School International" (ACSI) with various articles for their Christian School Finance publications.

  • When Treasurer during the 1980s, gave some input to the Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) as they started their TMS (Tuition Management Services).

  • Now provides Computer Online assistance to interested Christian Schools and attempts to assist them be a good Schar resource manager.

--- I R I S H   S T O R Y ---

        Do you as the Christian School Administrator/Principal identify with the following scenario? (Of course, you would NEVER guess that this was shared on St. Pat's Day, would you?)
        The setting is the office of the Christian School principal, Mr. FITZPATRICK. On a Wednesday morning, the phone rings and on the other end of the line is Mrs. O'TOOLE, the 3rd grade teacher.
         For the past couple of months she has been having a problem with SEAN; specifically SEAN will NOT obey her and it seems to be getting worse. The latest example is that he has talked back to her in front of the entire class when he was told to not bother MAUREEN who sits in front of him. Mrs. O'TOOLE is sending him to Mr. FITZPATRICK's right now; hopefully he will obey these latest instructions.
         Sure enough, SEAN comes to see Mr. FITZPATRICK who discovers, among other things, from SEAN that there is turmoil at home. His Dad and Mom are fighting almost every day; plus they are no longer going to church. Mr. FITZPATRICK disciplines SEAN and he tells him that he must discuss this latest episode with his Dad/Mom.
        Today's phone call with Mom resulted in her coming to Mr. FITZPATRICK's office to, hopefully, work out some specific answers to Sean's behavior problems. The next day, or Thursday, when they met together, Mom shared some about their domestic difficulties and ended up crying before she left. Mr. FITZPATRICK counseled as best he could and offering some possible solutions to both Sean's behavior and the topics Mom shared.  Mom very much appreciated a sympathetic ear, plus a helpful word of prayer, and 'went on her way' somewhat encouraged.
        The following Monday, Mr. FITZPATRICK received a list of students that he must, according to the Board's PAYTOSTAY policy, remove from class since Parents have NOT paid their school bill.
       Guess who was on this list??
       Talk about frustrating for Mr. FITZPATRICK! 
       He is now having to be a bill collector "bad guy" within the context of the above scenario.
        How does this fit into his primary objective, as Christian School Principal, of working with students and parents regarding academic and/or spiritual issues? There must be a better way!!!

        There is....have an effective Schar Program

  Please click here for list of Schar resources on www.bcidot.org . The bulk of this Publication originated in January 2000 and was  UPTD: June 04, 2010