4063-02 RPFin Dialog and performance vow

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                    TO:  Interested Christian  BLVRs                                                                           FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA
                                                                                                                                                             FILE:  4063-02/rpf

                    RE:  RPFin - Christian BLVR Dialog                                                                      Originated in November 1996                             

        Below is a hypothetical Online Email dialog, or thread (THRD), between Jim Bramer, CPA (JimCPA@bcidot.org) and a BLVR known as Dale.  A BLVR is defined as some one who believes in these systems .. especially one who is a born-again believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior..   Click here and go to List of threads (THRDs) at   Ministry Finance Team Helps

Be sure and read about "Personal Finance Spending Control" resources found at   0400    

FR: Dale

    Jim, I have picked up somewhere your use of the term "Righteous Personal Finance - RPFin".  Please explain.


    Yes that's true, Dale. As a retired CPA,  I help MFTeams (Ministry Finance Teams); primarily Online.  But not long ago, it was my privilege to share in person with a group of BLVRs on the general topic of RIGHTEOUS PERSONAL FINANCE, or RPFin. 

FR: Dale  

    I find that EXTREMELY relevant and interesting, Jim .... because we as a family are struggling in this whole area of our life. Let me share ... In the past few weeks, our Pastor has presented a series of sermons on this whole topic of our spiritual responsibilities regarding personal finances ... and we have been deeply convicted!  Both of us have known the Lord for less than 3 years, and we have done poorly in serving the Lord along these lines.  Frankly, we are a slave to money and we know this is not right!  Pastor shared a statistic that during the past decade more than half of the families in the US have spent more than what came in. Or, this has done by borrowing, mostly using Credit Cards or Plastic.  This hit us "right between eyes" because that is exactly our situation. Our credit card balances are increasing and it is NOT because we are keeping our financial promises to the Lord.
   Jim, we are frustrated ..... we want this to change !!!

    Thank you for sharing, Dale. Please carefully consider the following written prayer ... and see if the two of you can accept something like this as a vow to the Lord.


Dear Lord:

    Thanks for your Grace,  or unmerited favor, Lord!  Thank you for saving me, placing me within the Beloved, and giving me Eternal  life. Now I vow, or promise, to serve you faithfully, and meaningfully, as I am a proper steward of resources that I am responsible for but belong to You . Resources include money, and what money can acquire, and is precisely what I need to talk to you about today.
     It is very clear to me, Lord, that all money belongs to You and I ask for your wisdom and direction in handling it all properly. I do NOT want to sin and be careless in this area of my life. When and if I am married, Lord, please help both of us as a team to earn and spend money righteously.  In carrying out my
Tithes/Offerings promise to you, Lord, help me to not only give faithfully to my church, but I really need Your discernment about responding to the many needs that I hear about .... sometimes it is hard to know what is best regarding these financial appeals. Lord, please help me.
     I acknowledge that all money that You bless me with needs to be earned and spent prudently as unto You. This is hard for me, Lord, as money seems so demanding; help me have a
proper life style.  I further acknowledge, that I tend to borrow money when it is not wise and I especially need your help to use credit cards as would honor You. Please help me here, Lord. 
     I know that I need to do some
planning in advance about finances.  I need a finance budget in order to, not only plan, but assist me to monitor my financial status. This is hard for me, Lord, as I need to improve my record keeping, as I know that good stewards have to write things down so they can be good managers. Lord, please help me do the right thing here.  
     Lord, forgive me of past financial sins and help me be a good financial steward and
maintain Righteous Personal Finances from this point forward. 
     Thank you, Lord!

This prayer, or vow,  is offered to You on ________________   Year______

Signed _______________________________________________________________________ at ____________________

FR: Dale 

    Thanks, Jim. My wife and I need to read this carefully and apply it! Excellent!. But what tools do you have, or anyone, for that matter, that would help us control our finances? 


    My heart goes out to you and your family, Dale!  The encouraging thing is that you and your family recognize the problem and want to change and be a future good steward as you control and exercise discipline of this very important aspect of your spiritual life. Hang in there!!!!  Please go to  4999  for access to some specific RPFin resources.



        Early portions of this thread indicate that you have already passed this stage - you are convinced that this is a lacking area in your Spiritual walk. Many have not.  But you need some tools to assist you in this conviction.



        You obviously already have a Computer, or we would not be in touch. My recommendation is the well known software known as QUICKEN. I recommend, however, that this tool be used in a rather special way. I call it our QVE, or "Quite Virtual Envelopes" system .. access 4175  for more detail about this system. Or, I recommend that Quicken be used to help you identify and use your money for certain pre-determined purposes. Then you spend your money in relation to these "Virtual Envelopes." Some groups of these pre-determined QVE expenditure purposes, or envelopes, might include:

  1. Tithes/Offering

  2. Mortgage/Rent

  3. Debt Retirement -- See Plastic #2 below

  4. Household Needs

  5. Vehicle payments and operation

  6. SetASide for future events- Including retirement

  7. As Agreed - - 

        The QVE procedure combines the familiar check-stub method (after making a deposit and/or writing a check I have this much remaining in the bank) with a program that enables you stay within your predetermined spending boundaries.


        All of us need to manage the resource known as Credit Cards ... or PLASTIC. Please go to 4040  for more details about this subject as you very prudently use this as a tool (blessing) - and not let it be a tyrant (curse). Generally, we recommend that you carefully use two sets of PLASTIC.


       You use this PLASTIC to make every-day purchases and, since you pay it off monthly, you NEVER pay Finance Charge (or Interest Expense) on PLASTIC #1.


        When applicable, you prudently acquire one special asset at a time .... and your monthly income, in line with righteous priorities of its use, permits you to pay off PLASTIC #2 with Finance Charges over a short number of months.

        Within the context of the above QVE program, you post credit card purchases from PLASTIC #1 for the same reasons that you post your checks written.

> FREQUENCY ----- 

        My recommendation is that the BLVR should update the QVE records at least weekly .... somewhat like when you regularly compute your check stub balance and see if there is any money in the bank.  But remember, when we update the QVE records we not only need to know the amount of money and credit available, but we also simultaneously know the balances within our "Virtual Envelopes" .... or the status of our pre-determined boundaries.

THRUST .... you make buying decisions, based on the "Virtual Envelope" balance; NOT on how much money or credit is available. Further, we recommend that once a week (perhaps every Saturday AM) the BLVR family members go over these records together.

> QVE101 - - -

        We provide an Online QVE101 service whereby we help the BLVR learn about the QVE System. Please access 4025  for more specifics as we explain how that we train you Online and the special type of fee arrangements.


        I believe that the "remoteness" of the Online culture actually helps BLVRs to work on such matters of life. Some prefer to work with a credible person Online and never really meet them face-to-face. Our personal finances are VERY confidential, and it is often a 'little' embarrassing  to acknowledge deficiencies in this area of our lives and then get some 'hand holding ?????' assistance.  You might find the content of  0935  of interest.

FR: Dale 

        This sounds 'gooder and gooder' as we go along, Jim!  But, please give me some very brief examples of what the Quicken check stub and QVE reports look like.


        Sure, I hope the following examples help both of you to grasp how the QVE system can assist you.

A> Check Stub - - - 
        Quicken calls the Bank Account activity a 'Register', but fundamentally it shows your check stub info of deposits made and checks written with the balance in the Bank. You do some coding of these deposits and checks which allows Quicken to automatically post this information and provide you immediately with the balance/activity within each "Virtual Envelope."

B> QVE 01-Photo Proof and Status Report - - - -
        The QVE program can provide you at any time with a report that looks something like the following.  This is a Status Report, or a point in time (or Photo) report, right after the deposit of a periodic paycheck and some purchases that took place about the same time:

Bank Balance


Green stuff in your possession

$ 100.00


Due Plastic #1

$ 500.00

This balance belongs to the following:


Virtual Envelopes:

Tithes and Offerings

$ 300.00


$ 800.00

Debt Retirement

$ 200.00


$ 275.00

SetASide for future

$ 300.00

As Agreed

$ 125.00



C> A sample of the "As Agreed" Virtual Envelope activity 
would look like the following:


    Money Flowing



    Who/What/Why details etc






    Agreed allocation to this QVE

    Net Pay


    $ 150.00


    XYZ Vendor - clothing

    Ck 1234

    $ 15.00

    $ 135.00


    ABC Restaurant-Sunday noon


    $ 10.00


FR: Dale 

        Boy, "Jim", this sounds VERY interesting! Anything else?


        Yes, Dale, please hide the following verse in your heart ..... Proverbs 3:3-6 (Living Bible):

    "Never forget to be truthful and kind. Hold these virtues tightly. Write them deep within your heart. If you want favor with both God and man, and a reputation for good judgment and common sense, then trust the Lord completely; do NOT ever trust yourself. In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success."

FR: Dale

                Both of us certainly want to so do, with the Lord's help .... we'll be in touch!!! Many Thanx!! 


               QVE = "Quite Virtual Envelope" Computer Acctg system 
               BLVR = In the system ... or especially in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
               MFT & MFTeam = Ministry Finance Team  
               PLASTIC = Credit Cards
               RPFin = Righteous Personal Finance

      The bulk of this Publication originated in November 1996 and was    UPTD: March 09, 2012