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                      TO:  Interested Christian  BLVRs                                                                                         FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA
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                      RE:  Dialog with a Consultant named  Mat                                                                         Originated:  April 2002       

      Below is a hypothetical Online Email thread (THRD) between MAT, a Righteous Personal Finance  consultant and  Jim@bcidot.org   Click here and go to List of threads (THRDs) at www.bcidot.org

Be sure and read about "Personal Finance Spending Control"  resources found at  0400  

To:  Jim@bcidot.org 

     I trust things are going well for you, Jim, as you primarily serve Ministry Finance Teams, but you also have some Righteous Personal Finance resources as per the list of web link shown when you Click here.
     As you know, it is my privilege to provide helps to Christians with regard to their personal finances.  I have a passion for helping what you call  BLVRs  get their personal finances in place as honoring to the Lord.


    Yes ... may I say a heartfelt "THANK YOU" on behalf of all of our fellow BLVR brothers and sisters that you have helped down through the years, Mat. Please keep up the good work --- it is sorely needed in this day and age.  In a brief sentence or two please explain just how you provide help.


    Well, it is mostly complementary to what Crown Ministries and others do in that we provide Bible based sessions as we cover the general subject of what you call Righteous Personal Finance as we help Christians experience just that.
    But what I am really excited about right now is that I am poised to provide personal Budget help via the Internet, and my web site, to interested brothers/sisters (again, you reference them as
BLVRs).  I plan to help them get their personal Budget up and going -- no fee is charged, but a donation would be appreciated.  What do you think, Jim?

    Onliners: this type of Online Ministry was recently mentioned out on the Crown Ministries Forum  (Click here for a link to their Forums).  It is also found when you Click Here.  


    Go for it, my Brother !!!!  It certainly seems that such a Ministry would be a fantastic blessing to BLVRs out there. I want to encourage and support you as much as possible as BLVRs are helped in a healthy relationship with their Lord and Master regarding these matters. 
     I am convinced,
MAT, that using the remote aspects of the Internet has some pluses when it comes to such sensitive/personal matters as to what we earn and how we spend our money.  Since a  BLVR  would NOT be dealing with someone who lives next door, or someone that goes to their church, they are more likely to use this type of remote tool to gain spiritual victories in this area of their life.


    Thanks, Jim, any other observations?  

To: MAT:

    Yes .... my concern, understandably, has to do with the bookkeeping aspect of all of this.  What about the following scenario:

  •   MAT discovers that BLVR (either a husband/wife unit or a single person) has a computer system so they can exchange budget info via an Excel doc with MAT.

  •   BLVR is presented with the option of going to MAT's web site where they complete a form that provides MAT with the needed "Receipts and Expenditures" details so that MAT can help the BLVR From this Info, and appropriate interaction, MAT and  BLVR can prayerfully establish the needed budget.

  •   During this time MAT discovers that BLVR (neither spouse, in this case) is NOT a detail person and BLVR has NOT kept good financial records in the past.  They are NOT comfortable keeping financial records or properly using their  personal finance computer software.

  •   This is a serious matter because "actual to budget" status is vital to the success of this overall effort.  It is one thing to establish a budget, but is something else to know where you are and righteously stay within budget boundaries.  Today's buying decisions are to be made from up-to-date financial info that answers the question:  "As of today, do I have budgeted money for this?."

  •   Please go to   4201  for link contents showing details of how HOMERs could work in concert with MAT as they use the Internet, and HOMER's own computer system, to assist BLVRs do their essential bookkeeping. Please go to   0063  for more information about HOMERs


        Thanks, Jim, I thoroughly agree that such information is absolutely essential .... glad you brought this up as you make known to us what should be a very good solution .... let's stay in touch.

    Please access  4999   for more information about RPFin resources and topics. Let us know at  Jim@bcidot.org  if you have any questions or comments.


                    BLVR = Believer in this subject ... especially in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
= "Stay at Home" Moms or Retirees
                    MAT = Hypothetical
RPFin Consultant
                    RPFin = Righteous Personal Finance

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