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                     TO:  Interested Christian ed BLVRs                                                          FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA
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                      RE:  RPFin - Church Perspective                                                              Originated in April 1997                                      

       Below is a dialog between Dale, a born-again believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior (BLVR), and   Jim@bcidot.org  on Righteous Personal Finance - RPFin topics.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Be sure and read about "Personal Finance Spending Control" resources found at  0400     

FR: Dale 

        I have noticed that you refer to "RIGHTEOUS PERSONAL FINANCE - RPFin"; please explain.

FR    Jim@bcidot.org 

        Yes, Dale, others have also wondered the same thing.  I suppose I use the term "RIGHTEOUS PERSONAL FINANCE - RPFin" because it is a carry over of the title I have used when I have formally shared these issues in Seminars for BLVRs.  I could just as easily used the term "Right-ful" rather than "Righteous."  A more formal definition etc is found in 4007


        All of us know that the Church entity itself should be a good steward of its financial resources. Such issues have been high profile in my vocational life. Much can be said about these matters, but the "RIGHTEOUS PERSONAL FINANCE - RPFin" issues, in my opinion, also needs attention.
        In more recent years, I have become more convinced that the local Church needs to go beyond it's typical INTERNAL FINANCE matters emphasis and help their members on this subject of "
RPFin". The Board of Leadership of the local Church needs to not only manage carefully it's own INTERNAL FINANCIAL matters, but provide help to their members (or constituency) on this topic.
        It is a well known fact that various Para church groups have recognized that Church members need help in the RPFin area of their lives and have stepped into the gap. Three groups stand out in my mind, the Ministries headed up by RON BLUE and LARRY BURKETT plus an organization known as
    With regard to finances in a church setting, we often find something like the following:

  •      The Pastor preaches, no more than two or three times, if at all, during the year on the general topic of biblical principles regarding this subject.

  •      A Board of Leadership Finance Commission (along with the  MFTeam  functions with an emphasis toward such things as the Church's Operating Budget and protection of the funds and financial resources of the church.

  •      In a very few churches, a Stewardship group functions toward encouraging the membership to know and live up to their church financial commitments.

  •      During, and at the end of the year, INTERNAL FINANCE matters are reported, yea, even highlighted, because there never seems to be enough.


        My thesis is that each Church's Board of Leadership should expand its Church Finance responsibilities. It should cover not only its INTERNAL FINANCE affairs, but provide specific RPFin helps to its membership. This might include ....

    1> We should all be convinced that there is nothing wrong with 'talking about money' within our Church, it is another one of those 'things' in our every day life that should be a 'tool (blessing) and not a tyrant (curse).'
RPFin principles need to be taught to our children at a early age. It should be appropriately integrated into our CHRISTIAN EDUCATION endeavors.
     3> New BLVRs should be so discipled; without exception, appropriate pre-marital
RPFin training should be provided! Newly marrieds should be helped to lay appropriate RPFin foundations.
     4> Like a lot of things in our Christian life, Our older married should be encouraged to share their positive experiences along these lines with the younger generation.
     5> As 'pushed' above, it is my opinion that the local Church
Board of Leadership should be responsible to see that it's constituent's experience RPFin. Then it should avail itself of the resources provided by CROWN MINISTRIES and others. Go to  4999  for a list. Like in the case of many other fine para-church groups, in my opinion, such a group should NOT assume governing issues regarding its people that properly belong to the Church's Board of Leadership.
     6> The local Church's thrust along these lines
MUST include early detection and prevention of it's constituent's RPFin problems. Please go to  4001  for a self-examination tool.
     7> Many Church members have a personal computer. Once a member knows and practices such Biblical principles, they should be encouraged to use applicable Personal Finance software in keeping financial records that help them experience


    I think I understand 'where you are coming from,' Jim, but just exactly how do you help in this regard?


       Well, hopefully, Dale, I can convince Churches that their Board Finance Committee should cover these additional responsibilities, as explained above.
        An essential part of the BLVR experiencing quality
RPFin is good financial record keeping. A way of doing this is via use of personal software and a Quite Virtual Envelope (QVE) system.  Also check out the  Budget Box  system.

        FR: DALE

        Thank you, Jim ...... we will be in touch, I am sure, as our present Board Leadership and the Finance Committee (Ministry Finance Team) certainly does  Not  now address these issues.


                BLVR = Believer in this System .. or especially in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
                BUDGET BOXES = Quite Virtual Envelope Computer Acctg System
                QVE = Quite Virtual Envelope Computer Acctg System 
                MFT or MFTeam = Ministry Finance Team
                PLASTIC = Credit Cards                  
                RPFin = Righteous Personal Finance

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