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                         TO:  Interested BLVRs                                                                                     FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA
                                                                                                                                                        FILE:  4080-09/qve

                          RE:  QVE and/or RPFin Tips/Observations                                              Originated in May 2000                                              

Be sure and read about "Personal Finance Spending Control" resources found at 0400    

>>    Go to  4015    for a list of RPFin Precepts and Principles

>>    SCRIP  and RPFin (Righteous Personal Finance) Issues:

Relates to QVE (Quite Virtual Envelopes) principles:

  • Pre Plan -- use $CRIP by pre-design for applicable weekly staples. Perhaps make use of Post-dated monthly checks for such purposes. Perhaps even define one of the weekly QVE envelopes -- "use for staples via SCRIP".
  • Buy frugally
  • Assign money upon receipt --- or place money upon receipt into pre-defined QVE Envelopes. 
  • Spend only the amount in each envelope.

Below is a sample "Use of SCRIP"  Scenario --- 

>> The BUYER gets their paycheck of $1,500.00
>> Immediately thereafter they write a check to the Scrip Store for $1,000.00 advance deposit ---- since they have budgeted and expect  to spend this much for Auto Gasoline, Groceries,  Department Store Stuff and eating out.
>> They obtain $499.00 worth of $CRIP (this means they now have $501.00) and use it at any time before the next payroll for their chosen Church purposes; this could include any of the following:

1- Regular giving via their Church Envelopes
2- Special giving --- like Pledge type endeavor
3- Amounts due to the Church for various Church Program expense reimbursements

>> During the first part of that next week they come into the Scrip Store and get the following $CRIP:

Grocery Store $99.00
Local Eatery  $25.00
Union Gas $15.00

>> When they pick up this $CRIP they are informed that they have $361.00 yet on deposit. 
>> During the same trip they go to Grocery Store and spend $102.53.
>> They use the $CRIP of $99.00 plus $3.53 cash or check.
>> On the way home they stop and buy $7.80 of gasoline using their $CRIP plastic.
>> During the week they got out as a family to the Local Eatery and pay their $18.50 bill using one of the $20.00 and get $1.50 cash back. They now have $5.00 of Local Eatery $CRIP remaining.
>> Before the next pay day they buy more gas using the balance on their $SCRIP plastic of $7.20 plus $5.05 cash/check for a total Gas purchase of $12.25.
>> They go to the Scrip Store and obtain $200.00 more Grocery Store $CRIP and $75.00 for a Local Retail Store... they are informed that they have credit remaining $85.00. 
>> They spend the above $CRIP that same day.
>> Before the next payday they go into the $Store and obtain $100.00 more Grocery Store's $SCRIP, using the credit of $85.00, plus a $15.00 check to the $Store.
>> Of course, they go to the Grocery Store at various times before the next pay day and use up all of the Grocery Store $CRIP.
>> So they, in essence, have spent their 'wad' and have no more money for such purposes until the next pay day, etc.
>> But in using the SCRIP program via the $Store, there is almost $50.00 or Residual in their Account for applicable Church purposes.

        When there is an advance deposit effort like in the above $1,000.00 example, the BUYER would not have to pay the weekly Service Charge.  Discuss the concept of placing $CRIP in applicable envelopes.
        Thorough explanations of process and involvements emphasize the value in immediate knowledge of Buying capability upon making a deposit of their money.

  R U L E S   O F   T H E    R O A D 

                    - - - - - - Do - - - - - - 

>> Make buying decisions from latest QVE Photo info/report.
>> Upon QVE update determine QVE balances - do so at least weekly
>> Provide written QVE Proof report to buyer-spouse at least weekly.
>> ALWAYS pay plastic on time so you pay no Interest Expense or Plastic Service Charge
>> Be open to outsourcing your QVE bookkeeping to an interested partner.

                    - - - - - Do Not - - - - - - 

>> Make buying decisions only from Bank Balance info
>> Make buying decisions only from Plastic Balance info

After no more than six months of QVE, go through Self Exam
Need to come up with some grade questions
Buying decision protocol
More or fewer envelopes categories
Spouse joint info aspects
Reconcile Bank and Plastic Acct and correct deficiencies.

RE: Plastic......

    Efficiency and Convenience
    No green stuff needed
    Online buying 
            Via Church Web Site
    Mileage - Please go to   0016   for more info
    Annual Fee 

    Be sure you Pay no interest
        Settle up every week end
   Develop some incentives to keep charge  slips;  needs place in purse/bag or wallet; have brownie points "for" and take away "for not" turning in etc.
    Management: Pay CrCard company weekly
    Reconcile to monthly statement: Simply take monthly balance and subtract last check not recorded and pay the balances 
    Use of QB like Reconciliation Via Quicken
    Concept ------ via RPFin use "Immediate Receipt Mgt = IRM " features that include QVE (Quite Virtual Envelopes) steps of immediately upon receipt of pay check assign sums of money to various spending groups.
    I was impressed with my wife's grocery purchases last week ..... by her working hard and acquiring coupons, she purchased $100.00 worth of  items for some $80.00.


          BLVR = Believer in this system .... but especially in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
          QVE = Quite Virtual Envelop
e Computer Acctg System 
          PLASTIC = Credit Cards
          RPFin = Righteous Personal Finance

    .  The bulk of this Publication originated in May 2000  and was   UPTD: March 09, 2012