4201-09 BLVR's BuxBox System & HOMER

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                      TO:  Interested Onliner BLVRs                                                          FROM: Jim Bramer, Auditor - Retired CPA

                      RE:  QBUXBOX System & Homer Helps via QBooks                  Originated in May 2002

Be sure and read about "Personal Finance Spending Control"  resources found at   0400    

We trust you find the following helpful !!!

      You as a BLVR are NOT very good with finances,  never-the-less you are very much aware that it is essential to have information of how much money you have to spend.  You are convinced that the "QBuxBox"  method as explained below  is the way to go so you are open to getting some outside help in your furtherance of this.

      You learn about Onliner HOMERs  (click here for more info)  who are available remotely to assist you Either of you can be anywhere in the USA,  if not the worldas you partner together with a HOMER  who gets a BLVR going and can oversee your "BuxBox" method  etc.  Respective "BuxBox"  BLVR and HOMER accounting and reporting tasks are listed below.

 a>      The BLVR  utilizes an Online Banking service at the applicable Bank  (see ECCU  , for example) 
the BLVR can remotely make deposits (or move money from one the bank accounts to
, plus use ATMs located anywhere in the world and process checks from any location,
 It would be ideal  if  the BLVR has a fast Internet connection, but not required.
  b>      Both the 
BLVR and HOMER have access to the equivalent of BLVR's Bank Statement at
         any given time of the month.

At a predetermined time (preferably weekly)  HOMER gets info of what has been posted to BLVR's
         Bank Statement at the Bank and electronically posts this data to
HOMER's Quickbooks (QB) software
         system that
HOMER establishes just for the BLVR. Please go to  0801  for more info about the possibility
         of using QuickBooks Online (QBOE).. 
The amount and check numbers info only are electronically
         posted to the QB system.  Deposit/receipt identification and check distribution/payee info is needed in
to complete the
       So at an agreed time (we generally recommend that this is done weekly)  HOMER invites BLVR,  via
         the Internet product known as  GoToMyPC,  to view
BLVR's data now appearing within the QB system as
n HOMER's desktop.   BLVR have access to HOMER's keyboard so BLVR can post to the QB
accounting system
on HOMER's computer..  The use of GoToMyPC system is not needed for the QBOE
         system since both of you have online access to the information.

  e>       So
BLVR remotely inputs alphabetical information and distributes the recorded receipts and checks
          to the appropriate
BuxBox below as HOMER watches and understands, etc.
       Using the available GoToMyPC  Chat resource -- after a time there is no need for phone calls --- BLVR
HOMER can interact for any needed two-way communication, etc.

     Both have and go through viewed checklists to insure completion of all tasks as: BLVR makes
 weekly plastic payments (Click here for more details); does complete posting of Checking Account
receipts and checks, etc; and applicable weekly transfer to Savings.

      HOMER now does the QB weekly Proof and produces the previously defined and agreed BuxBox
reports Click here  to view samples below.

       BLVR uses something like PRINT SCREEN to make h/copy of various BuxBox Status reports, or
HOMER or BLVR converts them via QB into Excel docs and BLVR so utilizes, etc.

  k>       It is important for the
BLVR to also know about such things as assigned money in their Savings or the
         status of Unpaid Old Loans.  This has been done via what we call
MEMO accounting. As explained when
         you click here, the status is reported with totals placed within an Offset Account.  Using this method,
         reporting of the Saving or the Unpaid Old Loan information does
NOT create an accounting problem for
BUXBOX system.
        These QB produced reports (see some 12  Samplesprovide BLVR with current knowledge of how
         much is (or is not) within each one of the "BuxBoxes"
. CAUTION: BLVR may have made deposits or
checks that have yet to get to the bank, etc
 The BLVR (remember, this person is not very good with finances, etc.) now has the needed spending
          control information for next week's righteous buying via Plastic, ATM or Check writing.


    The QBUXBOX  method conceptually parallel's the  Envelope  method that most of us know about; or money upon receipt is divided up and placed in various pre-planned "type of spending" Envelopes, or QBuxBox.  This "alternative budget" approach is that you can buy if there is money in a certain spending Envelope; if there is no money in the Envelope, no can buy. 
    When you click here you will find more about what we call VIRTUAL ENVELOPES.  Or this  "alternative budget thesis"  method embraces such things as having our money in Bank accounts and doing most of buying via Credit Cards without incurring any interest costs.

     In this
 method, all money received by the BLVR flows into the checking account at the Bank --- that has Online Banking, that is mentioned above.  Net Pay;  for example, is automatically deposited into this Bank as a direct deposit, as arranged with BLVR's employerAll such receipts are ultimately assigned to one of the following three QBuxBox. 
  Please do NOT make the
QBuxBox system, or process,  too elaborate or complicated ... as we accountants have a tendency to do. Only use more than three QBuxBoxes  if/when more control of a specific spending area is needed.   Use the "big picture" approach first and, if needed,  get more detailed later.  

    COMMENT: At this moment, accounting for tax deductible matters at year end is a non issue - such info can readily be located and extracted;  the important things is to get the BLVR's spending control in order, etc.

     Please consider the following:

       1st QBuxBox Sample Details below
 Priority Financial Commitments as unto the Lord.
(Mostly p
aid out by check)

  •      Church Offering
  •      SetASide for periodic/annual payments like certain Taxes or insurance; or for future personal projects like vacation or Christmas.
  •       Savings -- Plse  Click here  where it shows that the total in the Savings Account is assigned to specific areas as shown below.
  •       Pay off old debt or make Over and Above required current Debt payments below -- Plse Click here and notice how the Unpaid old debts are also made known.

2nd QBuxBox - - LIFE STYLE Personification--- See Sample Details below
      Not much choice - BLVR is prayerfully committed to this Life Style.
(Mostly paid out by plastic or by check ---  as much as possible)

**you go through your vendor list for clarity**

  •       Required Debt Servicing Costs; Mortgage
  •       Medical and Life Insurance Costs
  •       Home insurance and real estate taxes: hopefully your Mortgage company collects monthly and acts as your agent in timely payment thereof.
  •       Household Utilities
  •       Car payments; operating expenses and insurance
  •       Communications costs ...Phone/TV Cable, etc.
  •       Agreed amount for purchases at Grocery Stores, Department Stores and Drug Stores.

3rd QBuxBox - See Sample Details below
(Paid out mostly by check/ATM-cash or plastic - as much as possible)

  •      Only if the 1st and 2nd BuxBoxes  have any unspent balances
  •      Not committed - discretionary - for such uses as family fun times; if there is a balance then you pretty much decide as you go along

    Please Click here for more information about RPFin resources and topics. Let us know at  Jim@bcidot.org  if you would like information about use of QBOE via the Web  for the QBuxBox System or if you have any other comments or questions. 

S E E    D E T A I L E D  S A M P L E S   B E L O W:

1st QBuxBox Details and Balance:

        2nd QBuxBox Details and Balance:

        3rd QBuxBox Box Details and Balance:

        Overview, or Photo, Status Report

        Check Stub Activity and Running Balance Report


 BLVR = Mostly Believer(s) in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
 QBuxboxes  =  A method of using "Virtual Envelopes, or  Pockets"  as a line item budget alternative.
 HOMER = Remote/Onliner Bookkeeper
 PLASTIC = Credit Cards
 QB = QuickBooks - but could be via other types of software like Quicken and Money                
 RPFin = Righteous Personal Finance

    .  The bulk of this Publication originated in May  2002.and was  UPTD: March 09, 2012