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                    TO: Mostly New Ministries                                                                                FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired Auditor-CPA 
                                                                                                                                                     FOLDER: QBuxBox/generic/1211-01             

                     RE: ATF  (After the Fact)  BuxBox and eFINFAX
                                 Weekly Internet Accounting System
                                               Originated:   February 2006                                          

     Be sure and click  on  "eFINFAX"  and learn about this accounting system that is unique to  "Internet Centric"  (Internet Friendly)  folk as transactions are electronically processed from Online Bank Statements and Credit Card equivalents to your Computer system, etc.  Also Click Here and read some details about this website on the overall topic of SPENDING CONTROLS - JESUS SAVIOR PILOT ME.   Also GO HERE  and learn about more resources for Small Ministries

     Below are the  
FEATURES  of the ATF "After the Fact" QBuxBox Weekly Internet Accounting System

      A> This is designed for the use of Small Ministries  (be it a beginning Church or any other type of Ministry or Missionary Organization)  who handles $500,000 or less per annum, but it is often adapted for the use of  BLVRs  in their pursuit of  Righteous Personal Finance, or RPFin
      B> As you please make maximum us
e of the   "Internet Centric"  (Internet Friendly) resources displayed below.  This includes posting directly from the Online Bank and Credit Card Statements to your accounting software.  This way you do NOT have to make entries first and then reconcile back to such data appearing on Bank and Credit Card Statements.  The electronic   "eFINFAX"  accounting software gets the information "After the Fact" (ATF).  With a weekly processing emphasis the activity that has not yet gotten to the Bank or Credit Card Company is generally irrelevant, etc.      
> Again, with a weekly processing/reporting emphasis
      D> Via the use of older versions of the QBPro (QBs) computer software obtained out on eBay, etc.
      E> And you use the structure and resources for Spending Controls found when you make use of the QBuxBox  system.

                                                           Internet Centric (or Internet Friendly)  (1)

 When I use the
Internet Centric (or Internet Friendly)  term I mean Ministries or folk (not just our young people) who usually use their laptop Computer from almost anywhere as they have a fast connection (any Computer for that matter) as they go to the Internet minimally once a day to at least receive and send Email;  they also are comfortable doing their personal finances using Internet Accounting resources.  This includes at any time (24/7) paying the bulk of their Bills  online plus using the Internet to go Online and view their current Bank and Credit Card Statements.  Of course, many Ministries now receive Online Donations and some people have their receipts electronically deposited (examples are:  Net pay by employers or Retirement Income by providers. etc.) to their Bank Account.  Some folk may even go to  www.irs.gov/efile  and file their federal tax returns via the Internet.

        They also are very comfortable using such accounting software as older version of QuickBooks Pro (or even old versions of  Quicken, Money, etc.)  whereby after making a deposit they know weekly if they have available money to spend.  The means to do this is what we call the QBuxBox (or the  Quite Virtual Envelope - QVE ) system.  Some of these
Internet Centric (or Internet Friendly) folk even use such resources that we describe at  0904  as they do not buy software and place it on their computer desktop but they pay a small monthly fee and handle such matters directly via Web Based (or Internet) products, etc.

        We are convinced that a beginning Small Ministry should place their money,  when received,  into pre-defined QBuxBoxes, or prioritized Spending Control areas of their Ministry, and then know at least weekly per the balance within the applicable QBuxBox if they have money to spend until next week, etc.   Please go again to  0002  where you will find (we reference the QBuxBoxes within 0002-99 as Bux Boxes
) more detailed information about this system that includes weekly report samples.

        Below are potential actions to be taken by the existing or "to be trained"
 Internet Centric (or Internet Friendly) folk.   Pat and/or Pam are the hypothetical founder and wife of a new Ministry or the leaders in a beginning new Church Plant.  If  Pam is largely responsible for their  personal finances, she likely with initially do a certain part of the new Ministry's finance tasks. Other hypothetical folk are Fran and Tracy.  Fran is a volunteer - maybe the initial Board Treasurer - who ultimately tasks that are handled initially by Pat and/or Pam.  Then Tracy is the HOMER  as they all use the Internet to remotely do these things.  Usually the respective tasks originate with Pam and migrate to Fran and/or Tracy as the Ministry matures. 

                                                      Actions to be taken at the Onset

01. Arrange for authorized people to have access to the Ministry's Online Bank Statement  24/7
02. Arrange for authorized people to have access to the Ministry's  Online Credit Card Statements  24/7
03. Arrange for as many automatic repetitive Ministry Online Check Payments via their Bank Account as possible
04. Arrange for as many automatic repetitive Online Charges to the Ministry's Credit Card as possible
05. Obtain plastic for use of both Debit and Credit Card Ministry transactions
06. Go to www.ebay.com and obtain QBooksPro2004 as if it were new, etc.
07. Set up the
QBuxBox Ministry accounting infrastructure following basically what you find at  0002 .

08. Maintain a list of repetitive Ministry Online Payments/Credit Card charges and which
QBuxBox to normally charge
09. Have generic original/duplicate numbered Ministry checks for handwriting purposes, and 
10. Conclude what Ministry expenses to pay in order of priority as explained when you Click Here.

11. When applicable, arrange for a weekly payroll - do this manually at first, but ultimately outsource, etc.

                                               Actions to be taken during the Week Pat and/ Fran Tracy
or Pam Only or Fran
As to the use of QBuxBox software 
<< Post the total deposit within the software and distribute to applicable QBuxBox(es) xxx
<< Process Online Payments that originate within QBs & distribute to applicable QBuxBoxes xxx
Hand write checks 
<< Attach duplicate copy of the check to supporting documents xxx
<< Identify thereon the applicable QBuxBox(es)involved xxx
<< File these in check number order awaiting action below. xxx
   << Process weekly payroll xxx
Debit Cards - or authorized Plastic charges that concurrently reduce the Bank balance
<< Authorized people make purchases via the Debit Card xxx xxx
<< Staffer in charge obtains transaction slip and indicates which QBuxBox(es) are involved and 
         sees that it is ultimately posted to applicable QBuxBox xxx xxx
Credit Cards -- or authorized Plastic charges that are to be paid later xxx xxx
<< Authorized people make purchases via the Credit Card xxx xxx
<< Staffer in charge obtain transaction slips and indicate which QBuxBox(es) are involved and 
        sees that it is ultimately posted to the applicable QBuxBox(es) xxx xxx
<< Pay unpaid monthly Credit Card Statement during the first week of the month, xxx
                                                Actions to be taken on a Weekly Basis
<< Go to (2) Online Bank Statement (see Web-ECCU as example) and make hard copy of the current Bank Statement equivalent for future reference xxx xxx
<< Go to QBs and check off items that that have cleared the Bank as they appear within the 
     QBs register per information above xxx xxx
<< Go to QBs and manually enter items that have cleared the Bank but are not shown xxx xxx
<< Tie such transactions to supporting docs (copy of handwritten pre-numbered checks and 
       Debit Charge documentation) and distribute amounts to applicable QBuxBox(es) xxx xxx
<< Some posting may need to be made to a Suspense account pending QBuxBox  I.D. xxx xxx
<< For items entered into the QBs system but have not yet cleared the bank, change the
        date to the  following week (place original date within the memo area) so you that the QBs
              Bank Acct register ending balance agrees with that of the Bank Statement, etc. xxx xxx
    PLEASE NOTE --- You process only what appears on the weekly Online Bank Statement or 
there is no need to the go through a "Bank Reconciliation" process and ascertain what
 deposits or checks that are entered in a QBuxBox but have not yet cleared the bank.  Then 
ultimately reconcile the difference between balances shown by the Bank and that shown by
 the QBuxBox system, etc.  This process is the essence of this "After the Fact"  System.
<< Go to the Online Credit Card Statement and make hard copy for future reference xxx xxx
<< Tie such transactions to supporting docs (copy of authorized Credit Card charge slips, etc.)
          Some will be repetitive automatic charges to the Credit Card Statement - xxx xxx
<< And distribute amounts to applicable QBuxBoxes xxx
<< Some posting may need to be made to a Suspense account pending QBuxBox  I.D. xxx
<< Ultimately the QBuxBox Credit Card liability account balance and the Online Credit Card 
         statement balance will be in agreement xxx xxx

     Or you are weekly mirroring within this QBuxBox (QuickBooks, etc.) system what appears (After the Fact)  on both the Online Bank Statement and the Online Credit Card Statement.  It is not a matter of you initially entering each transaction within the QBuxBox  system in the usual way and then making sure that what you entered each week agrees (the usual Bank Reconciliation process) with these external documents, etc. 

      Be sure and contact me if you have any questions about any of this ATF  (After the Fact)  QBuxBox Weekly Internet Accounting System.  Please  Click Here and go to additional link contents within   www.bcidot.org  that provide more resources for these purposes.


ATF = "After the Fact"  System  
BREC = Bank Reconciliation

Fran = local Administration or Clerical Assistant
Homer = remote Mom at Home or Retiree

Internet Centric (or Internet Friendly)  = system revolves around Internet applications - resources.
QBs = Quickbooks
QBuxBox = A QuickBooks Fund Acctg method
Pat and Pam = Founder and wife
Tracy = Homer

     . This publication originated in February 2006 has been . UPTD: June 04, 2010  




1211-01 AFT-QBuxBox Wkly Internet Acctg Sys -- ZZbuxbox



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