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TO: Christian Units or BLVRs

FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA

RE: Personal Finance Spending Controls via the eQBuxBox System

UPTD: December 14, 2007

      When I say Christian Units, I mean individuals  BLVRs or married couples with children.  But especially the younger generation, married or unmarried, who spend almost as much time using the Internet as you do watching Television, but this can also apply to anyone so inclined. 
       My hope/prayer is that you can answer mostly
Yes to the following as you use the Internet for such purposes.  This often follows a Righteous Personal Finance effort described within  4999.










   You set Life Style spending limits before 




you do any spending.





   You give a minimum of a tithe of your income 




to your home church.





   You know at least weekly how much you can 




spend by category 





   And you carefully adhere to these spending 




limits.  Discipline!   Discipline!





   You set aside money for known or even 




unknown future non-monthly expenditures





   You make maximize use of contemporary spending 




control tools (especially those resources




provided by the Internet)





   You minimize your cash transactions, since this




 is not conducive for accountability and safety.





   Or you do the bulk of your buying using checks 




and charge/plastic accounts (Retail Stores and 




Credit/Debit cards).   Goto 4040 for more info.





   An absolute --- all charge/plastic accounts are 




paid off interest free  weekly if not monthly





   Monthly, if not weekly, you verify that your financial 




records are in agreement with your bank and 




charge/plastic account records.




        Our primary objective is to assist those of you that can identify with the following:

>> You have a life style where you have Not done well as to the 10 items above.
>> You have taken something like the
Crown class and know you need to wisely spend money.
>> You spend a lot of time on the Internet
>> You are not very good at record keeping - you need help!

>> You do the bulk of your spending
via Checks and Credit Cards.   
>> Perhaps you have kids at home

          Here is how the eQBuxBox  SPENDING  CONTROL System works.

The eQBuxBox SPENDING CONTROL System (5)

A>  You obtain the software product known as QuickBooks Pro 2003 (QBPro2003) - or earlier versions.  You will notice that this is an older edition of this Intuit product -- it can be obtained as new by Clicking Here and go to  for probably less that $90.00.  If you use Quicken, you will need to use their "Liability" accounts where you use "Equity" accounts within QuickBooks as you establish your eQBuxBox System.  In both QuickBooks and Quicken you can use their "Class" feature to further identify and report as to types of Receipts and Disbursements, etc.
B>  The software is structured so that you get a 
QBuxBox  "point in time" status report that looks like the sample below.  Click Here for a sample activity/transaction report.

Side A -- Available Resources  (2)

10- Bank Accounts


19-"BuyNowPayLater" Enabler





Side 1 -- Committed Financial Areas

22-Plastic Payables


30-Spendable QBuxBox Balances

31-For Church Donations

$ 300.00

32-For Life Style Costs

$ 220.89

33-Rent Payment due the 5th of month

$ 985.00


40-SetASide (or Escrowed)

41-For Upcoming Events

$ 600.00

49-For Discretionary Purposes

$ 215.00

$ 815.00




    C>  You use at least weekly the Online Banking features of QBPro2003 and your Bank and Plastic Online accounts to mirror such transactions with information within  QBPro2003  and the eQBuxBox system.  See the $2,262.60 and the $1,541.71 above.
    D>  Of course, when these receipts and payment transactions go into the
eQBuxBox system, they are also posted to the applicable QBuxBox.  This Spendable QBuxBox info enables you to know if you have any money to spend.  See the QBuxBox info per the accounts 3x and 4x above.

    E>  Of  course,  you will have already defined
QBuxBoxes  of your life.  One user has set up a QBuxBox for each of the following: 

     Auto fuel, Auto insurance, Auto loan; Auto Maintenance, Clothing, Entertainment, Regular Church Donations, Bldg Fund Pledge Donations, Food - groceries, Food - eating out, Gifts - birthday, Gifts - Christmas, Her Spending, His Spending, Home-insurance, Home-Maintenance, Home Mortgage, Life insurance, Medical Expenses, Dental Expense, monthly memberships, Utilities, Internet costs, and Misc Costs. 
     We recommend you should begin with such
 QBuxBoxes found in the above report sample and expand to such detail only when you need better control in a particular Life Style area of your life.  Remember -- the emphasis here is "Spending Controls" and not necessarily to do accounting for tax or investment purposes.   QBuxBoxes  parallels the use of the Envelope system  ----- Click Here  for a copy of a story about the use of the Envelope system as an alternative to the usual budget process.  Other info about Envelopes is found within this folder when you Click Here.

    F>  Please go to  0579  for a QBuxBox Hands On Tutorial resource.
> You determine in advance how much of your available money upon receipt goes into these "Spending" areas and you place all of your money into the applicable QBuxBox
    H> You make
no buying decisions simply based on your Bank or Plastic/Credit Card account balances.

    J> You make
full use of the monthly "Float" or "Buffer"  period that your Credit Card Co allows you -- or you righteously "buy now and pay later" with no interest/fee costs. Please  Click Here  for more info on this topic. See the $1,600.00 in the Sample above.    


Let me know at if you would like to utilize this  eQBuxBox System --  be sure and ask me about a helper named Pen.  Also let me know if you have any comments or questions about any of these matters or if you would like me to send this to you as a Word Doc attachment to Email. 
     Remember - It is my desire to encourage you in your Christian walk
and to be "Your Servant for Jesus Sake:" II Corinthians 4:5B  - Thank you

Email Address:  -- Phone: (559) 298-5507 
 Mailing Address:  2628 East Goshen Ave. - Fresno, CA 93720

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