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                            RE: QB (QuickBooks) Reports Samples List                                        Originated:  May 2000                                              

        The QB Samples below are within the context of our recommended Fund Accounting Method #1 found in the "FAQ" on using QB for Ministry Fund Accounting. Please also bear in mind that the objective of the MFTeam is to know the day to day operational financial facts.  Please notice that Photos (Balance Sheets) do NOT include the Non-Cash resources of Land, Buildings and Equipment - and applicable debt - as these non-operational financial facts are updated and reported at least annually to those who should know - see 0127-02 for more info.  You can find other topical material within context when you click on the following:

  1. Ministry Accounting Issues
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        Below is a list of the published QB Sample Reports. Contact us at if you have questions or if there is not a sample below like your Ministry.

                Name                                Link & ID          

Below are QB Church Samples - See individual 0719-07 per list below:

    Photo-B/Sheet                                       0700-07      
    Video-GPFund Income Stmt              0701-07      
    Video-SPFund Income Stmt              0704-07     
 GPF Actual to Budget Report            0706-07     
    GPFund Depart Proofs                        0707-07      

Below are QB Missions Agency Samples --- See 0759-07 for list below

     Chart Accts & Trial Balance             0750-07    
     Photo-B/Sheet                                     0751-07    
     Video-GPF Income Stmt                    0752-07    
     Cross Fund Proof                               0754-07     
     Monthly Settlement Report              0755-07      
     GPF Actual to Budget Report          0756-07     
    GPF Tranx Detail Report                    0757-07     
     Class Chart of Accounts                   0758-07      

Below are QB School Samples -       See 0749-07 for list below

     Chart Accts & Trial Balance              0740-07    
     Photo-B/Sheet                                      0741-07    
     Video-Income Stmt                              0742-07   
     ScharAge - Aged Sch A/Rec             0743-07    
     Actual to Budget Report                    0744-07   
     Tranx Detail Report                              0746-07   

Below are QB SCRIP Store Samples --- See 0739-07 for list below

     Chart of Accounts                               0730-07       
     Proof Report - Trial Balance             0731-07       
     Inventory Item Listing                         0732-07       
     Residual Tranx Detail Report           0733-07       

Below are QB Land Bldg & Equipment (LB&E)  Samples

      Annual Working Trial Balance          0763-07     
      Balance Sheet                                       0767-07     

Below are QB Integrated GiverDBase Samples See 0789-07 for list below

     Deposit by Fund (Usually Weekly)    0781-07   
     Totals by Donor/Giver                           0782-07    
     QB Items List                                           0783-07    

  Please Click Here for a List of Reports as provided per QuickBooks on our www.bcidot.org.   The bulk of this Publication originated in May  2000 and was .  UPTD: December 09, 2010