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                           RE:  Q-TIPS List                                                                                       Originated:  May 2000

    Listed below are links to some Q-TIPS in effectively using QuickBooks � (QB) for Ministry Accounting and Fund Accounting.  For the most part, these Q-TIPS are within context of our  0041 and 0601  Documents.  Let me know at   Jim@bcidot.org  if you have any questions.

       #01 --  0610   This Q-TIP contains QB memorized report proofing information with a related "Proof Worksheet" sample. 

#02 -   0617   This Q-TIP is a list of frequently asked questions of a School about how QuickBooks � (QB)
serves them.

       #03 -   0629   The proper use of debits and credits in producing QuickBooks �  (QB) "Journal Entries" can be confusing.  This Q-TIP , and the   ALICE  document, is designed to identify them within various QuickBooks � (QB) settings.

       #04 -   0637   In this Q-TIP we cover the use of proper dates in the accounting process as they are important for clear and consistent reporting.  This provides information about entry dates as to the following:  End of Period, End of Year, Acct Payables and Payroll.

     #05 -  0640   This is a general Q-TIP as it links you up with other QuickBooks � (QB) resources.

       #07 -  0659   This Q-TIP is a dialog with Fran about how to establish proper QuickBooks � (QB) classes at the beginning of the new fiscal year.

       #08 -  0672   Here in this Q-TIP we have another dialog with Fran about producing detailed QuickBooks � (QB) reports for specific SPFunds --- including the running account balance.

       #09 -  0673  This Q-TIP provides you with some specifics in setting up the "kinda tricky" Class Proof Report.

     #10 -  0687  This Q-TIP topic is playing 'catch-up' when starting QuickBooks � (QB) much earlier in the year.  We generally recommend that you code entries on your bank statement and enter them directly into your QuickBooks �  (QB) Bank account register. The register end result must agree with the bank statement balance.

          #11 -  0658   This Q-TIP contains some recommended procedures at fiscal year end of a School in writing off bad debts and related issues.

     #12 -  0622  The intent of the Q-TIP is to provide further perspective as to why we recommend QB Fund Accounting using QB Equity type accounts.

#13 0647  This Q-TIP Topic concerns the need for Financial Internal Controls within the "User Friendly" QuickBooks  �  (QB)

          #14 - The Q-TIPs in the following link come directly from the QBooks Web site: 
  Calendar Year End (Mostly) Check List as Provided by QuickBooks


      Please Click here for more topics having to do with the use of "QuickBooks and Ministry Fund Accounting"  on www.bcidot.org.  The bulk of this Publication originated in May 2000 and was UPTD: March 09, 2012