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         TO: Interested Day Care Centers/Pre-Schools                                                                FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA-Auditorr
                                                                                                                                                               FILE:  0658-05/qbb

          RE:  QB DCAR (qbDCAR) Accounting System                                                              Originated:  July 2001         


      DCAR stands for "D>ay C>are A>ccounts R>eceivable."   What follows is a suggested  QuickBooks �  (QB)  qbDCAR  Accounting System for what is owed by Parents(1)  to Day Care Centers or Pre-Schools.  Click here for information about Christian School Accounts Receivable (Schar) and qbSCHAR matters.
       Beginning in 2010,  I trust you also find THIS EDITORIAL,  this JIMS JRNL paragraph and these DIALOGS of current/contemporary value.   Keep Looking up !!!!!

System Objectives

  •     To maintain records for all amounts due from and paid by Parents(1) for Day Care, or Pre-School, services for children as provided by Owner Operators - which are often HOMERS (click here for such thoughts) - or by Ministries such as Churches and Schools. 

  •     Accommodate an hourly or weekly fee emphasis, as payments from Parents are due weekly on an agreed day of the week.  There is the prospect of Parent making a monthly payment, but it requires leaving with you a registration deposit of some $50.00 to $100.00.

  •     Relate to the use of daily "Child time cards" as data for the amount of time that the children have been serviced as such information is processed within the qbDCAR accounting system.

  •     Have qbDCAR information now so that '"walk-in'"  parents can know now what they owe and why as they either inquire or have information placed into their communication 'cubby hole.'  Plus provide means of timely follow-up on late payers via a qbDCAR-age report - see below.   

  •     Provide the necessary information so Parents have information for applicable Day Care tax deductions. Click here for more info.

  •     Be able to reflect such income as earned ..... not when paid by the Parent. Click here for more info. 

  •     Includes all applicable information needed to interact with the Parent; plus have a record of various contact information and child status information needed  to meet their needs while at the Day Care or Pre-School facility.  

  •     The ideal computer system includes the means to Email and access the Internet. 

System Methods and Procedures

  •     Set up a qbDCAR (Day Care Accounts Receivable) account for (1)parent responsible for the weekly payment. 

  •     You probably will not want to provide Parents with QB  Invoices; rather, make such posting directly to their QB Accounts Receivable account register that facilitates providing periodic QB Statements of billing and payment transaction history.  A QB Invoice system is available if needed, but not recommended..

  •      As part of registration process, Parents understand that you cannot service Children when the Parent's unpaid qbDCAR balance is xx weeks old.  You determine the xx time and what happens.  Often the xx time is two weeks and the child can no longer be serviced.

  •     Offer financial incentives for Parents to allow you to automatically pay yourself by Credit Card, or  Plastic, such as Visa  (click here  for more details).  Please Click Here for  possible use of the Debit Card option.

  •     Make use of Draft options  (click here f or more detail), or post- dated checks

  •     Make available PayPal  (click here  for more details) as a Parent pays you via Email resources.

  •     Hopefully, you have a Web Site where Parents can both discover the amount they owe you and be able to make Online payments to you. 

  •      Monitor the qbDCAR-age reports (list of all who owe you money and how old they are) to insure that payments are made as agreed.

  •      If you have or anticipate having a number of Day Care branches, then dialog with us about branch qbDCAR systems and a COMBO QB system for monthly integration and reporting, etc. 

  •     Let us know at Jim@bcidot.org if you are interested in getting a copy of the qbDCAR Sample mentioned below.


  •     Please be aware of applicable  QB Samples  here on our Web site.

  •     Often Onliners will contact us and we invite them to look at our desktop.  Click here  for details about our LOMS  (Looking over My Shoulder)  tool.  This way we can place a qbDCAR Sample,  for exampleon our desktop.  We then can access the Sample area that interests you as you view our desktop and we dialog about it so that you can apply it to your unique situation.

1) Parents means anyone accepting this obligation.

       Please Click here for more topics having to do with the use of "QuickBooks and Ministry Fund Accounting"  on www.bcidot.org.  The bulk of this Publication originated in July 2001.and was     UPTD: March 09, 2012