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                             TO:  Interested Ministries                                                                                     FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA-Auditor
                                                                                                                                                                 FILE:  0621-02/qbb

                              RE:  QB & Giver DBase Accounting                                                                Originated:   May 2000                           

   Below is a hypothetical Online Email dialog between any one of the following MFTeam members: PAT (Ministry Chief Executive), LEE: (Ministry Volunteer Treasurer), or FRAN: (Ministry Computer Bookkeeper) and Jim@bcidot.org

FR Pat:

            Jim, I just finished reading  0021  where you recommend that Ministries NOT integrate their Donor, or Giver, records within QuickBooks (TM) (QB) .  And I believe I understand your thinking about the ideal of having only one name and address computer file and use it for multiple purposes.  
            But, after discussing this at length with Fran and others here, I have concluded that we really do want to have our Donor records within a separate
QuickBooks (TM) (QB) Company , or file..  Will be happy to provide you with all of our reasons if you are really interested, but right now we need your help in getting this operative within Fund Accounting via QuickBooks (QB) (TM).

            Some of our objectives are:

  •   Enter a deposit and at the same time credit member's offerings to several different funds
  •   Keep track of the total giving done by each person for the entire calendar year.
  •   Provide various proofing and printouts for the deposit itself.              
  •   Have the Counters do this without having access to other QuickBooks data.
  •   Our policy is that member giving information is known only to the Stewardship Elder and Treasurer. 

FR  Jim@bcidot.org

        Thank you for getting back to me, Pat. Please click here and here for more link content along these lines.

FR Pat:

           Ah, that is helpful ...... I will also have Fran read and see if we can better understand the QuickBooks (TM) (QB)  Non Profit Industry Help information.

FR: Jim:          

    Like within any separate DonaMail Database software, the objectives via a QuickBooks  (TM) (QB) is to have a separate file pretty much parallel with the goals that you indicate above.  However, let me state it a little bit differently below: 

>>   Maintain calendar year financial records by "Giving Unit"
>>   A "Giving Unit" pretty much equals a tax payer unit
>>   Clearly show the amount donated by Gift Designation
>>   Provide Gift Designations info (ideally recapped by Fund per deposit) so data can flow to the appropriate QB Fund within the QuickBooks (QB) (TM)  System as explained within 0021.
>>   Periodically provide to the "Giving Unit" (at least in January of each year) donation information detail that includes data like "when", "why", and "amount".

FR Pat:

        OK, Jim.  Please give us some details as this seems to cover most of our objectives..

Fr Jim:

       If you have more than 50 Giving Units, we recommend that you have a separate QB Company just for Donation Processing.  Or, in our judgment, there should be two aspects of the use of such QB features.

  QB GiverDBase --   A separate QB Company for processing just Donation records. Go to 0631  for information about a Pledge system that would also flow from this QB Company.  In many ways it parallels the above mentioned DonaMail system, but you use a QuickBooks (TM) (QB) system database for such purposes.

   And the usual  QB Fund Acctg --  A QBs Company via afore- mentioned QB Fund Acctg (Methods one, two, three or four) that handles 50 or less Giver Units - including production of QB produced Contribution Receipts.  

          Please also be aware that we use the term "GIVER" rather than "DONOR"; "Giving Unit" for either single entity (person or business entity) or for a Family; plus we make limited use of the terms "Donations" or "Charitable Contributions."  Please note also that QBs provides a way to divide up your Givers (QB customers) by applicable types.

  QB Giver DBase -- 

    Candidates for this separate QB Company are Church-like Ministries; we recommend this method for at least the following reasons:

>> If you have more than 50 Giver Units and you used a single QB Donor Fund Acctg file, in our opinion, you would have far too much detail and clutter. Or too many line items would appear in accounts like General Fund receipts, etc. This way you post a total per deposit to such accounts. See 0781 for example.

>> Plus there would be too many QBs memorized Giver reports. No receipt document goes to the Giver when money is received by the Church -- but a list of gifts/donations is provided at least in January of each year. Go to 0789 and find an example.

    Please observe things as the Sample QB reports listed within 0789 . Also ask us about Pledge Accounting via QB.

  • Weekly "00-Deposit by Fund Report (0781) as Fund recapped information is provided for periodic entry.

  • Quarterly and/or Annual (0782) Giver (QBs customer) reports - provides total Gift information to the Giver units in January each calendar year.

    The Ministry will need a QBs Memorized report per Giver so you can print out calendar year detail by QBs Customer/Giver. The ministry may want to Include some type of recapped data for annual "thank you" letter via Word.

    Below is what takes place in order to get the reports per samples shown within 0789.

    Donation/Giving/contribution processing Issues; Go to  5001  to access some Church Counter thoughts.  

  •   Set up applicable QB Items; suggest you separately do Item descriptions- do not include description with the identifier, etc.
  •   Counters do processing/counting with a Batch emphasis
  •   Counters should compare amount of check/cash to the amounts shown on the Giving envelopes or equivalent.
  •   Giving Designation should be clearly identified. 
  •   Counters make use of adder with tape as they
  •   Add up the amounts from the Giving Envelopes and
  •   Then balance to the actual money received. 
  •   Someone other than counters would post to that QB system
  •   Or, one of the counters can be trained to input to the QB system during the counting proofing process.  This way you can use the QB check listing resource to facilitate completing the deposit for the Bank. See below.
  •   Larger Ministries may want to do more than one Batch.


  •   Go to Sales Receipts 
  •   Again with a batch emphasis
  •   Preferably, each Giving Unit to have a 3-digit number
  •   Locate indicated Giver (via QBs Customer: Job)
  •   Or input Giver info - on the fly (an option is to immediately assign the next 3-digit number; process each deposit and then later go back and fill in the needed Giver Detail).
  •   Each Ministry decides how much Giver (QBs Customer) data will be needed in future contact with the Giver.
  •   Indicate Cash or Check (check number can also be captured)
  •   Fill in QB Item for as many designation lines as needed
  •   If uncertain about QB Items, go to the QB Items list and discover how existing QB Items were produced.
  •   The Fund Description should flow from the previous step 
  •   Press Enter and
  •   Fill in the amount
  •   At the end of Gift/Donation Acctg Form the total should be equal to the Giver total amount
  •   Group with other Undeposited Funds.

    If everything looks Ok, then click Next and continue with the same process, until you Click OK after posting the final giver information.

Go back to "BANKING"

Choose "Make Deposit" 
Follow processing steps until you are satisfied and ultimately:

  • Make deposit to Bank
  • Also you have the option of printing Deposit slip info from this data
  • Select Print: print deposit: deposit slip, etc..

QB Donor Fund Acctg --

    This activity is within an integrated QB Company because it has 50 or less Giver Units - plus this system has a QBs produced Donation Receipt feature..  Often this integrated system is applicable to "Foundation" like Ministries. Processing details are like the above QB Giver DBase steps with the following variances:

   Contribution Receipts - customize the QB Template Form for this purpose.
   And utilize the following QBs features:

  • Use "To be Printed"
  • File: Print forms: Print Contribution Receipts - 
  • Using applicable check marks.

        You will probably want to integrate in some way with your unique "Thank You"  letter --- maybe even structure your QB Template to use for a window envelope.

FR Pat

        OK, Jim .... Thank you.

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