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    Mostly QuickBooks (QBs) and Fund Accounting Software Matters  
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02-QuickBooks Coaching by Jim Bramer --- 0199-03 hlp
0300-01 eFINFAX Mission Statement 0300-01 uptd 11-08-09
0479-11 QB eEnvelopes Self Help Tutorial-Personal Finances
2003-07 QB and GAAP compliance - ZZeod
2005-07 QB Stmt of Acct-Tax Deduction Issues - ZZeod
2012-07 QB FAQs re Ministry Fund Acctg - ZZeod
2013-07 Scrip Acctg and QuickBooks (QB) - ZZeod
2014-07 QB or QuickBooks & Electronic Resources - ZZeod
2015-07 QB Fund Acctg - Funds and Departs - ZZeod
2017-07 QB and Staffer Designations- ZZeod
2017-07 QB and Staffer Designations- ZZeod
2018-07 QB or QuickBooks & Bank Rec Issues - ZZeod
2021-07 QB Ways to do Ministry Fund Acctg options - ZZeod
2022-07 QB-More Missionary Organization QuickBooks Info - ZZeod
2022-07 QB-More Missionary Organization QuickBooks Info - ZZeod
2024-07 QB or QBooks & Manual Payroll - ZZeod
2027-07 QB File Exchange & QB Class Proof - ZZeod
2029-07 QB-Prior Year File Content - ZZeod
2032-07 QB Hands On - Excercise Corrections - ZZeod
2034- 07 QB and Church - Set up dialog etc - 2034-07 ZZeod
2035-07 Church Chart of Account Info - 2035-07 ZZeod
2038-07 QB Fund Acctg Application -- ZZeod
2039-07 QB Filtering for detailed reports -- ZZeod
eFINFAX Mission Statement 0300-01 uptd 04-17-09
FAQ re the use of QB for Fund Accounting etc
FinFax Mission Statement 0300-01 uptd 12-14-09
Q-TIPS List                         0699-07    ZZqbb
QB "Edited Onliner Dialog" Links 0600-99 ZZqbb
QB & Fund Acctg Method One -- 0622-02 ZZqbb
QB - links within JIMs JRNL 0699-01 ZZqbb
QB Bank Statements & "Catch-up" 0687-02 ZZqbb
QB Be "Tween" different SPFund Accts -- 0612-07 ZZqbb
QB Beginning Balances -How to- ideas --- 0689-02 ZZqbb
QB Beginning Bank Reconcilation - 0688-02 ZZqbb
QB BookStore at a Ministry 0635-02 ZZqbb
QB Church Management Systems-CMS --- 0645-02 ZZqbb
QB Church Samples Link      5900-01                 ZZchu
QB Church Samples List      0719-07  ZZqbb
QB Church Samples List      0719-07  ZZqbsam
QB Class Proof Report, SPFunds  0673-09  ZZqbb
QB Companies - multiple at a Church    0611-19  ZZqbb
QB DayCare Acct Rec System 0658-05 ZZqbb
QB Features at a Church    0609-01  ZZqbb
QB Fund Accounting FAQ --- 0601-06 ZZqbb
QB Giver DBase Accounting 0621-02 ZZqbb
QB Giver DBase Samples 0789-07 ZZqbb
QB Internal Controls via Bonnie Nagayama 0647-99-- 06-18-08
QB Internal Financial Controls 0647-02 ZZqbb
QB Journal Entries       0629-01  ZZqbb
QB M-Agency Samples List   0759-07   ZZqbb
QB Meth 4 Fiscal Yr - FundBalFwdAcctg - 0690-03 ZZqbb
QB MinFin Samples List         0779-07       ZZqbb
QB MinFin Samples List         0779-07       ZZqbsam
QB Mission Trips acctg dialog 0660-07 AAqbb
QB Pledge Accounting 0631-02 ZZqbb
QB Report Proof Worksheet     0610-07    ZZqbb
QB Reporting of SPFund contents  0672-02  ZZqbb
QB Reports Samples List of All      0799-07     ZZqbb
QB Reports Samples List of All      0799-07     ZZqbsam
QB Running Parallel - Switching to - 0608-06 ZZqbb
QB Sch Acct Rec (Schar) 7617-06 ZZar
QB Schar (qbSCHAR) -Sch A/R - FAQ   0617-06   ZZqbb
QB Schar (qbSchar)  Acctg System   0658-07  ZZqbb
QB Schar and Fiscal Year End      0658-01  ZZqbb
QB School Samples  List              0749-07       ZZqbb
QB School Samples  List              0749-07   ZZqbsam
QB Scrip Store  System  0639-07   ZZqbb
QB Scrip System Features 0139-07 ZZall
QB Self Examination             0603-09  ZZqbb
QB Transaction Dates   0637-07    ZZqbb
QB Web Sites - Known Links      0640-77      ZZqbb
QB WEBrec for Smaller Ministries 0605-06 ZZqbb
QB Year End Bal Fwd Acctg     0659-02   ZZqbb
QB-to do Endowment/Trust Fund Acctg - 0680-02 ZZqbb
QBchantes etc Helps re Method One 0623-02 ZZ qbb
QBOE - Mom-Dad Ministry Self Help -- 0079-50 ZZhlp
QBOE- re Mission Agency Acctg -------  0804-01 ZZweb
QBooks Hands On - Church Self Help 0079-20 ZZhlp
QBooks Web System (QBOE) - General Info 0801-01 ZZweb
QBuxBox Self Help Tutoria l- Personal Finances
QuickBooks-Schar - General Info --------     7658-07     ZZar
Scrip Store & Web Accounting Systems  0188-01  ZZall


"Edited Onliner Dialogs"
QBs Fund Accounting FAQ
QBs Self Examination
Running Parallel - as you change to QB  
QBs Report Integrity Proof Worksheets
Internal Financial Controls and QBs
Year End Balance Forward Accounting Issues with QBs
QBs and Assuror Issues
Use of Bank Statements and "Catch Up" when converting to QBs
QBs and Beginning Bank Reconciliation
QBs and Beginning Balances "how to" ideas
Links about QBs within JIMs JRNL


    QB Reports emphasis

QBs and Church Sample List
QBs and School Sample List
QBs and Mission Agency Sample List
QBs and Ministry Finance Sample List
QBs Giver DBase Samples
Sample List of all QBs Reports




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