Thank you for contacting me by Email below and giving me the privilege of interacting with you.  I have learned that in order to best serve you and your Ministry we need to initialize our relationship by my making sure that my Emails pass through any "junk mail" screening process that you folk may have.   I have also learned that I can best respond to your specific issues after you return this Email with your "Yes" or "No" answers to the following "Get Acquainted" questions:

01>   Have you obtained permission from your leadership to have Email interaction with me?
02>   Have you prayed about our relationship?
03>   You are in the West Coast Time zone?
04>   Your Ministry handles less than $500,000 per year?
05>   Does your Ministry have a fiscal year that does NOT end December 31st?
06>   Does your Board (of Leadership) have a "Finance Committee"?
07>   Are you the Board's Treasurer?
08>   Have you digested the
Fund Accounting publication below and related links
09>   As explained within
0130-06,   is "Looking at a Desktop" an option?             
10>   If you have QuickBooks (QBs) issues - have you:
                        a> Told me which version of QBs you have?
                        b> Digested our 
QBs Fund Acctg Methods  Publication and related links?
                        c> Decided which 0601-06 QBs  "Fund Acctg Method"  you are to use
                        d> Do we need to discuss  
Jim Bee Coaching ?

                Thank you -- I look forward to responding ASAP to your initial contact below.

          Auditor-CPA Jim Bramer at Jim@bcidot.org  ----      Micah 6:8               

           We trust you also find the following link contents of value.


>>   Info about free eBOOKs  re “Christian Ministry Finances”    
Overview of our Online Resources http://www.bcidot.org/pub/9222-22.html
Our Email & Forum Participation Philosophy
A link to a recent “JIMs JRNL”  Blog like edition   

Internet Friendly “Spending Control” resource http://www.qbuxbox.org
Website for Smaller and Newer Ministries  http://www.rpfin.org
A Dialog about the “eFinFax” Accounting System 


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