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       TO:    Interested  Christ Centered Ministries                                            FROM:  Jim Bramer, Retired Auditor-CPA 
                                                                                                                                    FILE: 0199-03/hlp   

        RE:   QuickBooks  (QBs) Coaching by Jim Bramer                               Originated:  April 2008

From Onliner Mark:

As a result of an Internet search, I have read within your  Ministry Finance Team Helps  and 
Spending Controls Helps  websites about the use of the QuickBooks Pro (QBs) accounting software to do our unique Ministry bookkeeping or accounting.  I also find the  Brads Nest of Bees  website content of interest. 
        It seems that the proper use of
QBs can best meet our needs.  Can you provide us with some help? 

From  Jim@bcidot.org  :

Thank you for contacting us about this, Mark. I eagerly anticipate assisting you and your Ministry regarding any matters along these lines --- not just your use of QBs at your Ministry.   For example, I trust you have found our free eBook resources Found Here  of value.
     I have viewed your web site so I have some idea of what you are all about. As to QBs, its proper use can be a terrific blessing to either small or large Ministries as they you carry out these important and special financial responsibilities as discussed within the link contents of 0041  and  0606.      When you  Click Here  you will see more resources as listed below.

From Mark:

Right -- I need to know more specifics of just how you can help us plus what time and fees are involved.

From  Jim :
Good.   May I say first that we need to get appropriately acquainted and do some interacting by both Email and phone calls.  For example, please note my preferred "Get Acquainted" matters when you Click Here.  You need to be satisfied that I appreciate what you and your Ministry leaders  want to accomplish as I thoroughly grasp what you want this software to accomplish for you. 

From Mark:
        Very good  ------ let me first, Jim, study your website material that you reference above, and then call you at the agreed time after I have had some more discussions with my fellow leaders here as I get their approval for a further relationship with you.  I understand that when I call you at
"1-559-298-5507" there at your home in Fresno, CA  I likely will get your answering device which you usually leave on to filter calls even when you are there.  You usually let it run its course and then, when we ID our self - and you are there - you or your wife will pick it up, etc. I understand evening or weekend calls are OK.
         Again, what about your fees?

From Jim:
              Basically, as would a Missionary serving in such a capacity,  I charge no fees for such an assignment,  but generally you would make all of the phone calls.         
                 Be sure and ask me for references and how you would make appropriate contact with my Pastor.

From Mark:
         Thank you for this Missionary service, Jim, and that you charge no fees.  It is our decision if we make any financial contribution to your Ministry. 
         Let's suppose that we are satisfied about your credibility and we hit it off  as we decide to use QBs and you help us in such an effort.  Tell me some more about how you would go about doing this, Jim.  

From Jim: (1)
        There are at least the following fundamental issues that we must address together:

     A>   That as of the first of a calendar year you WILL NOT use QBs for Donations Accounting;  Click Here for discussed perspective etc.
     B>   If your  General Fund  has been operating at a deficit,  we WILL discuss the use the "Spending Control" system outlined when you   Click Here .   Please also view the eFinFax  electronic accounting system and determine what it has to especially offer Smaller Ministries.
     C>   Together we  WILL adjust your approved annual  General Fund  Budget within context of any decision about the foregoing method.
     D>   In light of "Ministry Fund Accounting" basics  we together WILL establish or change your "Chart of Accounts"  infrastructure, etc  -  Click Here for details.
     E>  Together we  WILL conclude how to handle your calendar year Payroll (especially Clergy)  within context of the QBs options, etc.
     F>   Within context,  as spelled out when you  Click Here,  you hopefully  WILL  change your fiscal year as soon as possible
     G>  Together we WILL set up your BIG PIX report --  see sample when you   Click Here 
Some times this can best be done by both of us looking at the contents of a desktop as best explained when you  Click Here.

From Mark:
         Very good --- we need to conclude these issues .....  where do we go from there?

From Jim:        

        I can walk through with you the activation steps that are described in detail when you  Click Here.   In many ways I would hope that your Leaders would adopt me as a temporary Associate of your Ministry Finance Team.  as discussed when you Go Here.  During all of this we will  no doubt arrange to view the contents of one's desktop to best collaborate and conclude together just how to use QBs that best meets your needs.  Also we may want to discuss the use of the SKYPE resources where we use the Internet to talk and see one another, etc.
        After you have established your overall system. there is value in my viewing your desktop that contains your QBs system and its results on a regular basis as I "Look Over Your Shoulder" for an agreed time.  After that I will be available to respond to future questions that usually begin with:  "How do I handle so and so within QBs?".  

From Mark:
         OK, Jim !  Well  --- it looks like we have our work cut out for us.   I no doubt will have other questions.  I will be in touch ASAP.


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