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                                TO: Interested Ministries                                                                   FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired Auditor CPA 
                                                                                                                                                 FILE: 0130-06/hlp

                               RE: Use of software plus the Internet to "View a Desktop"      Originated in July 2001                                                   

    When you and I connect up using this  "View my Desktop" tool, the usual collaborative steps include at least the following:

  •        At no cost for the 1st 30 days,  either of us are invited to view a Desktop

  •        This can be your desktop or mine

  •        The recipient of the invite is instructed to complete the connection per the requested actions

  •        And per the instructions within the ""View my desktop" link contents

  •        Then by using a fast connection you respond at the agreed appointment time

  •        And and the sender of the "invite" is informed by a notice on their desktop that you are ready.

  •        The sender then complete the process - including the option of giving us both the ability to use the "Mouse" re things on my desktop

  •        You then are looking at what the other has on their desktop

  •        And I usually ask you to call me at  "1 559 298 5507"

  •        We then phone discuss the applicable viewed areas/topics, plus

  •        We discuss anything that might be on the sender's hard drive that might be of mutual interest to either of us.

  •      "View my desktop" features includes the ability to quickly transfer files back and forth.

  •       To my knowledge, nothing of substance remains on your computer

  •       When we disconnect at the appropriate time.

   Others have successfully used this tool with me --- let me know if you would like to dialog by Email with any one of them.


Below are some reactions to 'View Jim's Desktop' topics as requested by a hypothetical Ministry Chief Executive named Pat.  

To quote Pat
        "Hi Jim. At various times I find that you make a statement about the means for Onliners to "View a Desktop" and use the terms "Looking Over My Shoulder" , or "Looking Over Your Shoulder."    When you say "My shoulder" I suppose that you mean I look at your desktop, and you mean you look at my desktop when you say "Your Shoulder" ... right?" 
    To quote :
        "You are basically correct, Pat.    Perhaps the topics below will answer most of your questions as we utilize the "View the Desktop"  tool at no cost to them,  whenever we feel it would be helpful -- especially as we view the Quickbooks (QBs) structure or how transactions are processed, etc.

 Click here and go to List of FAQs at

    Our numbered response list appears below; please click on those of interest to you.

  1. What do you mean when you say "Over the Shoulder"?
  2. Tell more about LOMS - L>ooking O>ver M>y (JRB) S>houlder.
  3. Tell me more about LOYS - L>ooking O>ver Y>our S>houlder.
  4. What are your fees for providing "Over the Shoulder" services?
  5. List of "Frequently Used Terms" within this Online Document

- # 1 - 

Q>  What do you mean when you say "OVER  the SHOULDER"

    A> We use the term "Over the Shoulder" as a way of stating that we remotely assist/help members of a Ministry Finance Team in unique ways. We view your data on your desktop (LOYS, or "L>ooking O>ver Y>our S>houlder"), or you view, via our desktop, information that is on our desktop (LOMS, "L>ooking O>ver M>y S>houlder"). 
    You can liken it to the viewing a paper document while someone is looking over a shoulder. Or, usually in an 'how to' setting, such material is available remotely on desktops. 
    Ask us about the ability to print a hard copy of whatever exists on someone's desktop screen.

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- # 2 -

Q> Tell me about LOMS - "Look Over My (Jim Bramer's) Shoulder"

        A>    We establish a relationship with you that includes inviting you by Email to link to the contents of our desktop. When you accept our invite, we can have a live interactive exchange with you via your phone to "1 509-298-5507" . We encourage initial contact by phone.  Our invite Email to you will contain something like the following:

     I'd like to invite you to my desktop. You'll be able to view my screen, and we'll be able to work together on my computer.  To join me, please click on the link below. This invitation will expire at xx/xx/xx 7:59 PM PST.

   This invitation was sent by a registered user and is a remote-access solution that lets you access and work on your computer from any Web browser.

        As you can imagine, this resource opens up a number of viable interaction and assistance possibilities, including:

  •   We together go through some of our 'how to' Online Documents.

  •   Since Fund accounting is so essential to Ministry Finance management, we can assist you to thoroughly understand Special Purpose Funds-SPFunds and the General Purpose Fund -GPFund. Please Go Here and Here for more information..

  •   We have a number of QuickBooks (QBs) Church/School/M-Agency Ministry Samples. You view/learn from a variety of QBs (or Quicken) setups and structures. As appropriate: 

  •   You watch us do donation accounting unique to your Ministry. 

  •   We assist you to do initial Bank Reconciliations (BREC) 

  •   We assist you to do initial SCHAR (School Accounts Receivable) setups (tuition installment payment method) and transaction processing - share Invoice templates. Please Go Here  for more SCHAR info.

  •   We help you set up and record/reconcile Plastic transactions.

  •   We help with QBs memorized entries.

  •   We assist you set up and do payroll (especially clergy) ... either via Intuit Payroll service or manually.

  •   You watch us place unusual entries into any system - especially the QBs system -- remember we can supply you with the free means to print out whatever appears on the desktop screen so you have h/copy for future reference etc.

  •   We explain the "how to" and significance of QB Proof reports. Or help you setup/structure QB reports like "Actual to Budget", or SCHAR Aged reports.

  •   You can transfer certain QBs files to us as you follow instructions like:  "From viewer bar, choose "Tools" and then "Transfer Files."  We both then can view said folders/contents as we consummate this endeavor.

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- # 3 -

Q> Tell me more about LOYS, or "Look Over Your Shoulder"

A> We are retained to help a Ministry and we find it very helpful to be able to look at your actual set of books on your desktop. The bulk of our LOYS efforts involve QBs (or Quicken) files as you set up your Ministry Fund Accounting system and make it useful.   Basically, you invite us, using the free 30 day feature found at  and we together view the contents of your desktop so that we can interact my phone or text effort.. 
        When I  have a "betterment" suggestion, we can test the change while both of us view the result.  The LOMS options above are very helpful when your QBs version is not compatible with ours.
        Ask us about providing  Assuror   services whereby we make a statement about the validity of the content of your viewed QBs file. 

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- # 4 -

Q>  What are your fees for providing LOYS or LOMS services? 

        A>  There are no fees charged when we go through this process. Please Go Here  as we explain in more detail when/if you initially provide us $50.00 for your reimbursement of our expenses. After that, the Ministry alone decides what amount, if any, they pay us based on a requested periodically provided  'how did we spend our time' report. Also Go Here for a sample of this requested report.

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  •     Assuror = We give the reader of QB reports some written outside  assurance of their properness, etc. This is NOT  the usual CPA attestation or audit/review assignment.
        BREC = B>ank Rec>onciliation;  at least monthly
        Chat = live interactive dialog via an Internet system
        Desktop = Basic Windows operational computer screen
        FAQ = F>requently A>sked Q>uestions GPFund = G>eneral P>urpose F>und; a single fund with named Income and Expenses; each expense under "line item"  budget control. Sometimes by Operational Department.
        GPFund = G>eneral P>urpose Fund (singular)
        JRB = Retired CPA Jim Bramer
        LOYS  = Look Over Your Shoulder
        LOMS = Look Over My (JRB's) Shoulder
        Online Document = a Writing/WRIT placed on a Web page within this web site.  Often referenced as a "link."
        Onliner = Someone, like you, that access things online.

    s = QuickBooks (usually QBPro2006 or later versions) 
        SCHAR = Sch>ool A>ccounts R>eceivable system
        SPFunds = S>pecial P>urpose Funds (plural); many Ministry funds under Fund Balance spending control; includes both Donor restricted monies as well as Board designated (or Setaside)  for some specific purpose.         

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     Please Click Here for a list of "How we help Onliners" here at  The bulk of this Publication originated in July 2001 and was.  UPTD:  May 23, 2010