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                      TO:  Interested Ministries                                                                         FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired Auditor CPA
                                                                                                                                              FILE: 0129-06/hlp

                      RE: FISCAL FITNESS EXAM MATTERS                                             Originated:  July 1997                

        What follows is a response to (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions - FAQ - as answers are provided about this topic.   Click here and go to List of FAQs at

Q #1: What does "FISCAL FITNESS EXAM" mean? Where did the name come from? Who might be interested in this Exam?

      A: The obvious analogy is to our periodic "physical fitness examination" as provided by our physician. This EXAM is for smaller (who have $500,000 or less annual income) Ministries like Evangelical Churches, Christian Schools, Mission Agencies, Conferences/Camps and like kind of non-profit organizations. As indicated when you Go Here, there is an experienced look at their financial health, with emphasis to methods, procedures, and record keeping results, and the rendering of a written grade report on some 40 different issues.  Then, like a physician, we join you in seeking answers to poor health areas.
         This is NOT the usual CPA audit where the auditor audits and then "attests", over their letterhead, to the dollars and financial statistics by rendering an opinion about such financial statements, etc
         A FISCAL EXAM assignment is simply a technique by which a small Ministry can secure the help of a Ministry experienced retired CPA.

Q #2: What does Retired CPA Jim Bramer have to offer interested Ministries?

    A:   Please view the contents found Here  and Here  for his current Ministry perspective as he has served Ministries as a CPA-Auditor for nearly 50 years.

Q #3: How do you provide this FISCAL FITNESS EXAM?

    A:   While an on-site type of engagement is preferred, it often is too dollar costly for most Ministries of this size so we encourage a remote Online Assignment.

Q #4: How much does the average Online FISCAL FITNESS EXAM cost?

    A:   There is no average costs. Please read Here  and  Here  for assignment details, then let us answer your such questions.

         Q #5: How do you actually do a  FISCAL FITNESS EXAM in this remote way?

               A:   The usual steps include:

    1> Inter-act enough to establish a mutually acceptable Online relationship. This may take four or five Emails, plus your confirmation of professional status and reference follow-up.
    2> We often have a conference phone call with members of the Onliner's
 MFTeam  as we finalize our Assignment Agreement.
    3> This could involve some exchange of photos to enhance our assignment.
    4> We begin our research and ask the MFTeam to h/copy and snail mail certain finance material and financial statement information. Ask us for the specific list.  Be sure and look into the methods mentioned when you Go Here. 
    5> When possible, we attach files to Emails and exchange data in this efficient manner.
    6> We make other MFTeam TO DO requests and interact almost exclusively by Email (we use MFTeam originated phone calls when interactive clarity is needed) until we complete our research and have enough information that enables us to render the grades.
    7> We provide the Written Examination (Grade) Report via Email and we also inter-act as to immediate questions.
    8> We have a MFTeam  originated Conference phone call that allows any to interact as we thoroughly go through the perceived poor grades.  Sometimes our opinions are changed upon issue clarification at this time. All need to understand poor grade conclusions, even though they may not agree.
    9> As appropriate, we help to improve grades in the days ahead.

Q #6: What does the Grade Report look like?

    A: Well, it covers such topics as:  Fiscal Overview, Board Matters;  Reporting and Management, Tranx processing system; plus it provides for expressing if there are any Tax Issues. Please Go Here  for an Grade Report Sample.

Q #7:    What other Computer Online services do you provide; do you have some Computer Online references?

    A: We have been using Email and related resources for over 10 years. Let us know and we will provide Online Service references.

                        Thank you.

     Please Click Here for a list of "How we help Onliners" here at  This publication originated in July 1997 and was. UPTD: March 09, 2012