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                             TO: Interested Ministries                                                                                FROM: Jim Bramer,  Retired Auditor CPA 
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                             RE:  Work as an Auditor and/or  CPA                                                          Originated:  April 2001

        Below is a hypothetical Online Email thread (THRD) between any one of the following MFTeam members: PAT (Ministry Chief Executive), LEE: (Ministry Volunteer Treasurer), or FRAN: (Ministry Computer Bookkeeper) and    Click here and go to List of threads (THRDs) at

FR: Pat

      I notice that you are now mostly referring to yourself as "Jim Bramer, Retired CPA-Auditor".  Does that mean  you are not doing any CPA or auditing work?


               Basically that is correct, Pat.  Not too long ago I discontinued doing any CPA Opinion Audit/Review or attest work.  Please Go Go Here   for more specifics about such assignments.  Some time ago I decided to NOT prepare tax returns or do 990s etc for Non Profit Organizations.

FR: Pat

         Does that mean you are not available to help Ministries in the same way like you have in the past?

            FR: Jim

              That is correct, I do NOT do tax returns or CPA Opinion Audits or Reviews .  Not only is there the aspect of my "getting old and I do not have the stamina", but in order to remain a competent CPA Auditor I need to keep up with the changing tax laws plus take continuing education courses and periodically be  OKed  by my CPA peers for Audits, etc.
                   When applicable, while I do not do the form itself,  I do assist a Ministry in compiling information for their forms 990, etc  -- especially regarding the allocation of functional expenses among Program, Management & General and Fund Raising; plus identification and/or reconciliation of their end of year Fund Balances/Net Assets, etc. 

FR: Pat

        Is it not true that you have been serving Ministries and fellow Christians for some 50 years?.  I sure would hope that you could continue to provide some services.  What is your thinking now?

        FR: Jim 

                Well, I do want to remain involved after all these years, but from a different perspective.  Since you are reading this, you no doubt have already  been exposed to our  MINISTRY FINANCE TEAM HELPS  web site or our new web site designed in July 2006 for Christians and Small Christian Ministries to CONTROL THEIR  SPENDING.  I provide such Internet resources and interact with many of you.  Please also look over the   Sitemap.  I particularly enjoy helping Ministries made meaningful use of the software product known as QuickBooks ...  please Go Here  for specifics.

FR: Pat

        Then I take it you use the computer to remotely respond to Onliners and you do not travel.  Is that correct?

         FR: Jim

                No,  I do travel some to Ministries and enjoy it very much.  Let me share some  info below that give you some ideas of how I get involved in helping Ministries these days.       


     I am allowed to have Online access to a Ministry's finances as maintained via software products known as  QuickBooks (TM) (QB), or Quickbooks for the Web - QBOE-Web.  Some computer files are directly accessible by us via the Internet or they are sent to us.  We encourage Onliners to enter into a  "QB Hands On"  relationship with us whereby they are given Sample tranx within context of the QB Fund Accounting methods.  Then  I either assist Ministries, when they begin or afterwards, by "Looking Over Their Shoulder" - LOYS -  as I observe their file content and I could render some type of  "things look good to me" written assurance.  This means to the Ministry that I am satisfied with various internal system proofs or procedures.  Occasionally I remotely get involved with some ASSUROR effort as explained when you  Click Here.

                                     INTERNET FINANCE SERVICES AT MINISTRIES

        I have an interest in seeing that the Internet provides applicable accounting/auditing services to especially Small Ministries.  This is demonstrated by the content of the following links within

1 - Web based applications - for a definition, see
       Please also we aware of this information:
            QuickBooks Online Edition and Ministry Fund Accounting 
            Donation Processing resources, etc.  Plse see �DonaMail� section of the following:
            Church possibilities           
            School A/Rec possibilities 
            Mission possibilities             

2 - Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Online Payments: 

3 - Bank Reconciliation/Float Management assistance --- or WEBrec:

4 � Online Accounting Services remotely provided to a Ministry (Example is a Church):

5 - Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and Small Ministries -  .

6 - Supposed "E-Finance ideals"
            At a Church:
            At a Mission:
            At a School:
            E-Ministry Finance Options:

7 - Online Filing of IRS form 990 and respective State 990 equivalent:

                                                            FISCAL FITNESS EXAMS

            Please Go Here  for details of how I, either remotely or via an 'in-person' one day session at the Ministry, discover how a Ministry handles it's finances and then I give them a Grade Report with interaction as to what I mean.  See what one looks like when you Go Here .  The obvious intent is to help the Ministry 'do right' regarding fiscal matters.

                                             RIGHTEOUS PERSONAL FINANCE

            Please Click Here  Here and Here and then access links to discover how you are helped in these matters.

                                                                      HELP WARE

            As explained when you Go Here and digest,   I charge no fee since I function as would a fully supported Missionary. All phone calls originate from the Onliner, and if a Ministry invites me for an  "in-person"  session, they arrange and pay for all travel/meals and room/board costs.

FR: Pat

         OK .... thanks for the update and clarification, Jim.

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