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       TO: Interested Onliners                                                                                   FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA-Auditor 
                                                                                                                                      FILE: 0040-09/hlpl   

        RE: Coding structure for  Web Pages                          Originated:  July 2002                         

    We trust that the outline below will provide you with some information about the six digit coding structure of our web pages here on   It also might be of interest that using Google (or other Search machines) you can input only the six digits (xxxx-xx) and our applicable web page usually comes up.  For instance, if you had discovered somewhere the 0601-06 only portion of our web page, then you could input 0601-06 into the Google search window and it will take you to .
    Ask us at about the structure of the July 2006 web site found at
    Please contact us by Email if you have any questions.

Link to Folder      Target Area and (approximate nbr of web pages)
0xxx-xx      All Ministries (Over 100)
02xx-xx      JIMs JRNL (Over 30)
04xx-xx      eEnvelope Spending Control matters - ENV (Over 10)
06xx-xx      Quickbooks (QBs) used by Ministries (Over 30)
07xx-xx      QBs Only Samples (Over 50)
08xx-xx      QBs Online Edition - QBOE - QB via the Web (Over 6)
09xx-xx      Editorials by Jim Bramer Retired CPA-Auditor  (Over 30)
12xx-xx      The QBuxBox system info per this folder contents (Over 12)
2xxx-xx      Edited Onliner Dialogs - EODs (Over 35)
3xxx-xx      Brad Pendable Writings (over 20)
4xxx-xx      Righteous Personal Finances re Onliner matters - (Over 20)
5xxx-xx      Mostly Bible Believing Churches  - (Over 45)     
7xxx-xx      Private Christian Schools only (Over 30)
8xxx-xx      Mission Agencies only (Over 10)
9xxx-xx      Recaps of " " publications/articles (Over 10)


      This publication originated in July 2002 and was.  UPTD: July 04, 2010  Contact: