Colossians 3:23 -

Whatever you do , work at it with all of your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.


02-QuickBooks Coaching by Jim Bramer --- 0199-03 hlp
0300-01 eFINFAX Mission Statement 0300-01 uptd 11-08-09
0479-11 QB eEnvelopes Self Help Tutorial-Personal Finances
4000-00 Links to eEnvelope & eQBuxBox resources
4999-99 - Righteous Personal Finance Resources -- 4999-99
Chairperson, Suggestions To   0085-01   ZZall
Chairperson, Suggestions To   0085-01   ZZall
Chairperson, Suggestions To   0085-01   ZZall
Collaborate while viewing Desktop - 0130-06 ZZhlp
Debits/Credits  per    A. L. I. C. E.        0009-01    ZZhlp
eFINFAX Mission Statement 0300-01 uptd 04-17-09
Evaluation of Ministry Finance Concerns 0025-01 ZZhlp
FinFax Mission Statement 0300-01 uptd 12-14-09
Fiscal Fitness Exams        0129-06         ZZhlp
FISCAL FUEL Stewardship   0093-01   ZZhlp
Glossary of Ministry Finance Terms  0063-07    ZZall
Glossary of Mostly Budget Terms   0062-07   ZZall
Grade Report re Church Fiscal Matters, Sample of  5128-77   ZZChu
Grade Report re M-Agency Fiscal Matters, Sample of  8128-77   ZZmis
Grade Report re School Fiscal Matters, Sample of  7128-77   ZZsch
Grade Reports re Fiscal Matters, Sample of 0128-77 ZZall
Helped Ministry Onliners List --- 0098-09 ZZhlp
HOMER Academy Helps                0077-77 ZZhlp
Internal Auditor Matters  0038-02   ZZhlp
Internet Fin Svcs Task Assignments 0109-10 ZZhlp
Internet or Onliner Financial Services -- 0109-99 ZZhlp
MIFI (Most Important Financial Issues) 0122-02 ZZall
MIFI (Most Important Financial Issues) 0122-02 ZZall
Ministry Finance Team Info   0000-99    ZZall
Onliner Contacts Issues --- 0121-09 ZZhlp
QB & ASSUROR Issues                 0676-09      ZZqbb
QBOE - Mom-Dad Ministry Self Help -- 0079-50 ZZhlp
QBooks Hands On - Church Self Help 0079-20 ZZhlp
QBuxBox Self Help Tutoria l- Personal Finances
Self-FISCAL EXAM Grades    0075-01   ZZall
Web Site Links re Ministry Finances   0107-77  ZZall




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