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         TO:   All Interested Onliners                                                                                       FROM: Jim Bramer. Retired Auditor-CPA
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          RE:   Scrip  Fund Raising for Missionary Deputizing  Support                         Originated in July 2010

    "Today's "Ax to Grind"   

                Personally I am quite impressed with the  Scrip   Fund Raising program at a Ministry (could be Church, Christian School  or Missionary Organization).  This happens when Participants make arrangements at such a Ministry whereby such a participant can buy various normal products from a wide variety of applicable vendors and a portion of the Participant�s payment stays there at this Ministry.  

    `            Example, you go to such a
 Scrip  involved Ministry and buy the equivalent of a
Gift Certificate from the applicable vendor for $100.00 and some $5.00 stays there  at the Ministry.  The person who end up with the Gift Certificate  spends the $100.00 as they would any normal Gift Certificate.  Ministries take part in such an effort via the following known two Methods:

                                                                                             METHOD ONE:

            The Ministry takes the $5.00 equivalent and places it into a �Pending Account� by the Participant�s name and the Participant  (not the Ministry) determines how their accumulative balance is to be used at the Ministry.  The Participant�s use options include: 

                                                      - - - - - - -  Tax Deductible - - - - -

     >>     To fund a Scrip-Deputizer  Missionary program. See details below.
     >>     To fund a Church�s Mission Trip � as part of their own fund raising agreement or
             toward what someone else must raise for their trip.   
     >>     To make a donation to any of the Ministry's pre-approved Special
             Projects/Endeavors or even to the Ministry's General Fund. 

                                                                - - - - - - -  Not Tax Deductible - - - - -

     >>     To cover the costs of any of the Participant's Tuition at a School or Church
             Events ---  Church examples include Children�s programs (like Summer
             Camps or Vacation Bible School
) and adult Events.

          As you can imagine, this method requires some finance record keeping and management via its own books via something like QuickBooks (QBs).  Of course, all those involved should use applicable Internet tools and resources.

                                                                                            METHOD TWO:

       The above $5.00 comes to the Ministry as would a normal �Fund Raised� source and the Ministry determines how it is to be used.


       Please prayerfully consider the following use of the above " METHOD ONE" as a means for a Church and such Participants to provide such non sacrificial  Scrip  money to support the hypothetical "Missionary Unit" shown below.

The �Scrip-Deputizer Missionary Program

Hypothetical Entities involved

                JONES     =    Missionary Unit or Deputizer
                XYZ           =   The  �Missionary Organization� where the JONES serves
                D of D       =   A Church that supports the JONES
                GEM          =   Person (or family) buying Scrip and is a money supporter of the JONES
                BEX          =   Volunteer re �D of D�s� 
Scrip  Program

                                                                                               The Scrip-DeputizerProcess

        >>   The JONES Missionary Unit must  �Deputize�  or raise financial support for their Ministry at XYZ

        >>   GEM  is a person who is part of D & D and pledges to be part of the JONES financial and prayer
               Support Team.

        >>   The D of D  Church probably does NOT financially support the JONES via their generic Church
                Missions budget

        >>   But  D of D  does support the JONES  financially through this  personalized
Scrip Program via
               credits per people like GEM  as further documented below.

        >>   D of D  has a  Method One (see above) Scrip program which permits GEM to designate Scrip
                Program proceeds via this �
Scrip-Deputizer  program.

        >>   GEM, as an example, makes a purchase via this Scrip Program for $100.00 and receives
               the equivalent of a $100.00 gift certificate.   

        >>   GEM receives a $5.00 Scrip credit via this $100.00 purchase.  The $5.00 equivalents are accumulated
                to GEM�s credit at D of D.

        >>   The Scrip Program can also include the
eScrip system whereby you buy from vendors at
                their location and you are automatically credited with a smaller Scrip credit -- no logistically
                needs of getting Gift Certificates to Participants, etc.    
        >>   D of D  sees that GEM  gets the $100.00 Gift Certificate equivalent so GEM can use it to buy at the
                applicable vendors.

        >>    BEX is a volunteer at D & D and does the needed administration/finance record keeping for  D & D�s
               Scrip Program.

        >>     D of D  has a �Logistic Volunteer� Missions team who see that GEM  (and others; some might not
                be part of D & D
) gets the Gift Certificates especially via KIDS and KEENAGERS as they
                participate in this integrated Missionary JONES support effort.   Be sure and look into  Scrip�s 
                new program  whereby the Gift Certificate equivalents do not come to D & D, but goes directly
                to GEM.  

        >>     Each month GEM   requests of  BEX   the amount of the accumulated Scrip credits and sees
                that their pledge ultimately goes to XYZ  for the JONES.

        >>     Where it is credited to the JONES  �
Deputized� Support account at XYZ

        >>     XYZ   places it with other JONES donations and distributes it to them accordingly to their
                 fiscal policies.


     TRUISM:   All of these involved Entities are to make maximum use of  Online  resources and related tools that might be applicable to the Scrip program in its management, etc.

      An annual overview of such a Fund Raising effort via 
Scrip  at one Church is shown below: 

     Number of PARTICIPANTS



Annual Scrip Buying Volume

$ 208,565

Scrip Credits Earned

$ 10,230

Scrip Credits Distributed by the Ministry

$ 8,020

     Excess Carried Forward

$ 2,210

Beginning of Year Available Credits

$ 1,237

End of year Available Credits

$ 3,447

                                                                                      K E E P   L O O K I N G   U P !!

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Originated July 2010 and UPTD: June 08, 2012