Buinessmen Serving in MFTeams -- 0949-19 29June 2010
Buinessmen Serving in MFTeams -- 0949-10 May 2010

                            TO:   All Interested Onliners                                                                           FROM: Jim Bramer. Retired Auditor-CPA
                                                                                                                                                            FILE:  0949-10/fwi

                             RE:  Businessmen serving on the Board's
                                        "Finance Sub - Committee"
                                                                 Originated in May 2010

   Today's  "FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH"  Editorial      

            Since most successful Christian Businessmen (either male or female) are in the forefront as leaders, they frequently are asked to serve on the �Board of Leadership/Directors�  of  a �Christ-Centered Ministry� --- examples are: Churches,  Mission Organizations and Christian Schools, etc.   Further,  since they are usually �finance savvy�,  they are often asked to serve on the "Board�s Finance Sub-Committee"  that I like to call the Ministry Finance Team - MFTeam) ----  whose responsibilities are referenced when you  Click Here and also  Here  

            As they serve in such  a capacity they soon discover that finance management at
Christ-Centered Ministries is quite different from the way they manage their own business.  Especially when it comes to handling money like Designated Donations or money that is assigned by the Board for special purposes � or the handling of Ministry Events money that are mostly funded by participants.    All of these unique monies require special administration as they are NOT available for the ordinary operations of the Ministry.  

            We believe that these "Businessmen"  benefit by having access to some Online Tools/Resources along these lines as they take the necessary time to better prepare themselves to effectively serve.  For example, we recommend that each one goes Online and views/digests the contents of such resources as the following:

    >>  View the contents of this free WebBOOK and capture what is of interest to them.

>>  Examine Information about the overall topic of
�Fund Accounting  at such Ministries. 

    >>  View information about a written �
Finance Policy and Procedures Manual� and
           ultimately conclude what needs attention at your Ministry.

    >>   Note examples of financial reports:

                 --  Weekly Reports  that answers this question:  �Do I really have money
                           to spend this week in my area of the Ministry?�  We trust this
                           WebBOOK  under construction will ultimately provide help in
                           answering such a question.
                 --  List of examples of periodic reports via the software known as
                           QuickBooks (QBs)  when you  
Click Here               
                 --  The one-page condensed Ministry overall year to date �Big Pix
                           report when you  Click Here 

     >>   Dialog with a new Treasurer at a Church when you  Click Here

     >>   Read  these  �Self Exam�  resources and conclude what weak areas that need
            attention, etc.

     >>   Our list of
Truisms (
Ministry Finance Principals) and our Glossary might also
             be of value.

            Our prayer is that each Christ-Centered Ministry�  will fully utilize what such valuable "Christian Businessman" have to offer as they meaningfully serve the Lord there in such significant leadership capacities.

            Let us know at Jim@bcidot.org  or  Brad@rpfin.org  if you have any questions.

K E E P   L O O K I N G   U P !!

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