Business Adm School course ideas - 0948-10 March2010
Business Adm School course ideas - 0948-10 March2010

                  TO:   All Interested Onliners                                                                                FROM: Jim Bramer. Retired Auditor-CPA
                                                                                                                                                      FILE:  0948-10

                  RE:   Contents of  Christian School
                                 "Business Administration"
                                                  Originated in March 2010

   Today's  "FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH"  Editorial      


        It is my view that �Business Administration� courses at Christian Colleges/Universities should include the following two areas:

            ---  1st Area --"Christian Ministry Finances� ---


      These �Business Administration"  students are our  "Next Generation of Christian Ministry Finance Leaders"  and as such they should learn during this time of their education at such a School about the uniqueness of  "Christian Ministry Finances".     This list below of "Unique Matters re Christian Ministry Finances" is  Found Within  one of our WebBOOKs:

        Perspective as to Unique "Christian Ministry Finance"  Matters    
        Restricted or Designated Monies

        Fund Accounting at Christian Ministries
        Special Purpose Funds - plural (SPFunds or SPFs)
        General Purpose Fund - singular (GPFund or GPF)
        Expenditures - Not Expenses per se

        During this process they should learn about the Ministry fully utilizing applicable  �Internet Friendlyresources and Tools

    ---  2nd Area --"Personal Finances� ---


            As mentioned when you  Read This  ---  such students need to righteously manage their own "Personal Finances"  beginning at their college (or equivalent) days  �   please see the �HOW� comments below.   Of course, all students should get some help along these lines, but I am convinced that this should especially apply to those taking �Business Administration� courses.


             These students should assume full responsibility for their personal money management and Spending Controls .  Or parents should relegate such matters to the kids (who probably are already quite   �Internet Friendly) whereby the kids pay all of their bills associated with their formal education, as well as their life style, etc.  They learn to live within a budget via the appropriate method;  which includes paying off their Credit Card balance weekly.   See the information when you Go Here  plus when you link to the "Christian Family Unit�  portion Found Here .       

More Ideas along these lines:

         When they are Seniors their "Business Administration� course curricula  could very well include such features as:

       >>     In this overall process, they contribute to a certain Christian Ministry making full use of
                such Internet Friendly resources and the accounting system described 

     >>     The students do this by going Online and temporarily serve others as would fully supervised
Homer - Helpers:           

     >>     Or they remotely assist Small Churches/Ministries and Missionaries; see more details about
               these ideas below:


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