Tools - Internet & Computers re MinFin - 0943-09 - as of 04-14-09
Tools - Internet & Computers re MinFin as of 04-14-09

                       TO:   All Interested Onliners                                                                              FROM: Jim Bramer. Retired Auditor-CPA
                                                                                                                                                         FILE:  0943-09/fwi

                       RE:  Tools  -   Ministry Finances and
                                     Internet & Computer resources
                                                         Originated in April 2009

  Today's  "FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH" editorial   

       As of this date I have produced 42 of these "For What it is Worth - Ax to Grind"  writings, or Editorials.    My research shows that I have included the word "
Tool" in exactly half, or 21, of such writings

      We recently have some trees removed at our house and they did this so very very efficiently using contemporary "Tools."    One of our sons is a wood worker/carpenter and he has recently helped us with such matters around the house.    His "Tools" were a tremendous blessing in his effort.   Let me ask you: "How would you like to go across the USA today like was done in the 1800s"?

        With all of the 21st Century technology available today  ---  primarily via  "
The Internet and Computer Tools" ---  my prayer is that our Christ-Centered Entities will make full use of applicable "Tools"  in our stewardship and management of our finances.   As detailed when you  Go Here,  let's leverage all of such resources to efficiently and appropriately get the job done.

        I trust that the content of the following
"Internet Links"  are helpful as I continue to emphasize Internet and Computer System  Ministry Finance  "Tools" --- in these  "For What it is Worth - Ax to Grind "  writings.  Please  Go Here for an WebBOOK on the subject of a "Journey to be Christian Ministry Finance INTERNET FRIENDLY, etc".

               **** -N A M E  ******             *****  Internet Links *******
  BuxBox - Spending Control Accounting
  DonaMail & Integrated Software
  eFInFax Accounting System
  eMinistry Finance Options
  Electronic Church Financial Ideals
  Electronic Resources

  Internet or Online Financial Services
  Online Web Based applications
  QBooks Church Fund Acctg Samples
  QBooks Online at a Church
  QBooks Web Based Samples
  QBooks "Hands On" Help Tutorial
  QBooks Topical Alpha Listing
  QBooks Sample Reports Listing
  Missionary Web Connect/Contact
  Mvelopes  Acctg System
  Mission Agency Electronic Ideals
  Personal Finance Ideals
  School Electronic Ideals
  Tax Deduction - use of Personal Computer
  Web Bank Reconciliation  - Small Ministries
  Web Scrip Store accounting system
  Web Based Online applications
  Web Connect/Contact - Mission Org
  Web Based QBooks Samples
  Web Based QBooks Online Edition - QBOE

        Again,  technology is only a
"Tool".   Just like any "Tool",  it can be abused, mishandled, or neglected.  Plus "Tools," of course, are meant to support meaningful work --  they are not the Ministry itself.   Ministry facilities, vehicles, or even Computers,  are not necessarily "Christ Centered" ministries any more than a drill is to the dentist. They�re all "Tools"  to support the main task at hand: namely:  "Connecting people with our  Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,  and sharing with them the message of His love."

K E E P   L O O K I N G   U P !!

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