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            TO:   All Interested Onliners                                                                                           FROM: Jim Bramer. Retired Auditor-CPA
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             RE:  Next Generation of  Ministry Finance Leaders                                                Originated in November 2008

  Today's  "FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH"  editorial   

            Christian Colleges/Universities are now training students who will no doubt be the next generation of staffers at such "Christ-Centered Endeavors"  as:

            >>  Evangelical Churches
            >>  Christian Schools
            >>  Missionary Organizations
            >>  Any other such endeavors like Christian Camps/Retreats

            Or they soon will be our leaders serving on "Boards of Leadership"  of such Ministries ---  perhaps as "Board Treasurers" as  they serve on  Ministry Finance Teams,  etc.

            The training of these very special young people should ideally include coverage of such "Ministry Money Management"  issues as set forth below -- REMINDER:  "Christ-Centered Endeavor or Entities "  includes management of personal finances  by college students, as well as families or anyone else. 

            Any  "Decision Maker" within any sized  "Christ-Centered EndeavorMUST   be trained and
            have current  resources so they know if there is money to be righteously spent in their area
            of responsibility.

            Because  they  MUST  have timely and reliable written information that enables them to be a
           good steward of resources and not allow them to inappropriately spend money or go into debt 

            At least weekly they  MUST  know the most up-to date and applicable information.

            In this process, they ideally   MUST   make full use of the appropriate modern-day tools and
            technology.   Much of this is now provided via the Internet, computers (especially laptops), and
            related local or remote Online resources.


            Below is some information about "How" such a "Christ-Centered" student might care for their personal finances.  Further,  much of the use of modern-day tools and technology practices mentioned in the "How" paragraph above could easily apply when they at some time become leaders or involved at any such Ministry.

       During Years in College

            A student in a disciplined manner uses the applicable processes set forth  Here  that is spelled out in this version of  the use of "Check Stubs" when you  Go Here    Such issues include:  A>   Minimize use of Green Stuff  B>   Maximum  and  appropriate use of Plastic (Credit Card and Debit Card)  C>    Maximize use of Online Bank and Plastic resources   D>   Pay off Credit Card Balance weekly  E>    Dad/Mom have Online access to these Bank and Credit Card accounts   of the Student. 

                                                                  Unmarried and Post College Days

            At this point, Issues now might involve:  1>  They basically carry on with This System.  But now Dad/Mom, of course,  do not have Online access to the Bank and Credit Card accts  2>   The former student is now on their own as they earn their own money.  3>  Reminder:  They do not cash pay checks --- they deposit them into their Bank Accounts for full  accountability and control and  4>  They continue to pay off their Credit Card balance every week so they have no  Credit Card debt.  This former student's life style is now much more complicated so while they continue with the general  "Spending Control" concepts that they have maintained during their College days, they embrace such additional   resources as:

         This former student  no longer uses the limited  Two Check Stub method.

         But they continue to embrace the "To Spend Now" or "To Spend Later" concepts,  as  .....

         They more fully utilize the Internet and they use applicable software plus other Online resources.

         An option is for them to  use the  eFinFax  accounting system whose features include:

         01>  Via  actions described when you  Click Here,  you make a hard copy of your
            Credit Card transactions that you weekly access Online  
   02>  You weekly pay off your Credit Card balance shown by the hard copy 
   03>  You set up your  BuxBox   system according to your defined "Spending Areas" and limits. 
   04>  You go Online and electronically move your Bank Account (Checking and Savings)
            transactions to your software as they automatically go into a "To be Distributed" 
            account within your software. 
   05>  You zero out this "To be Distributed" account as you manually place such transactions
             into the respective "Spending Control/BuxBox"  areas therein. 
   06>  You then go to your reports and learn if you have any money to spend during the
            next week, etc.

                                                                      Married and Post College Days

            At this time you and your spouse will probably have more elaborate "Spending Control" categories plus the need for both spouses to understand and embrace the principles found  Here  and assume their appropriate money  stewardship tasks.  Hopefully both of you will continue to manage your  money in ways that please the Lord.

Potential Student Curricula -- Services at "Christian Colleges/Universities" 

            Within context of the above,  and especially since most "Christ-Centered" students today are so  INTERNET FRIENDLY,
 I believe that Christian Colleges/Universities  should embrace such matters as the following:

         That something like the above finance principles/issues BE  INCLUDED  within the curricula of "Business Administration"
 courses at such Schools.

         Plus such Schools should teach the overall features of   "Ministry Fund Accounting" .   Also observe comments Here  
about "INTERNAL" Generally Accepted Accounting Principles - GAAP  that could be appropriately applied to the
stewardship of Ministry finances.      

.         Then a student makes full use of Computers/Internet and actually serve remotely some "Christ-Centered" Entities.
These applicable students would be appropriately trained and supervised  and get College Credit as they become
short-term  HELPERS  as to such "Christ-Centered"  finance matters.  Or they assist:  01>   (Bee Tees)  at Small
Ministries as they learn to manage their money;  02>   Missionaries  (see these M M M  ideas) as they are trained
to do the necessary financial record keeping;   03>  plus families struggling in knowing how to keep appropriate
financial records for  "Spending Control"  purposes, etc

    Please contact me at as I would be happy to discuss such matters further with anyone.

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