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           TO:    All Interested Onliners                                                                                               FROM: Jim Bramer. Auditor-CPA
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            RE:   Mom-Pop (M-P) Ministries                                                                                        Originated in September 2008

  Today's  "FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH" editorial   

          No,   I'm not talking about  the Military Police or (MPs) here,  but I am respectfully using "M-P" to reference "Mom-Pop" Christ-Centered endeavors who handle no more than $100,000 per annum and are usually lead by very few people often with features like the following:

  •       The Board of Leadership members of "M-Ps" are often not as business/fiscal savvy as larger Ministries.   But many of you  like those below are what I call  "Internet Friendly"  these days !!!!

  •       The "M-P'"s  Chief Executive (often the "Mover/Shaker.", or even the founder of the Ministry) usually does NOT have a business-man's experiences or perspective.

  •        The finance transaction processor (usually a volunteer  BeeTee  or Bookkeeper/Treasurer)  is often not trained in the nuances of handling the "M-P"s   restricted or designated monies.   Please  Go Here  for details about such matters.  We accountants call it  Fund Accounting.   

  •      They often do not use such worthwhile and valuable Online tools to their full capacity, etc.

      "M-Ps" are mostly entities with a specific Christ-Centered "Evangelical Mission" in mind,  but they could equally be Small Churches, etc.    Of course they need to handle their finances in ways that are pleasing to the Lord.  As we all know, there are many many "M-Ps" out there.  With respect to handling their finances, my concerns include the following where we too often find:

  •       The lack of needed financial policies and procedures or they are inadequate for the needed propriety and safety of both the parties involved and the Ministry.   Basically, too few people are involved in handling their money which can always lead to prospective financial internal control problems.

  •      That the bookkeeping structure for the Ministry is all too often an inadequate extension of how people keep their financial records for their family.

  •      The lack of timely and meaningful  internal financial reporting that provides answers to this question:  " Do I have money to spend in this particular area of the Ministry."  Or the lack of the use of applicable Spending Control  resources.  

  •       No Finance governing  sub-committee  of their Board of Leadership  that the BeeTees teams up with, etc.

  •       Little, if any, use of available Internet and computer resources (Click Here for the eFINFAX Example) as to this overall topic, etc. 

  •       A lack in the use of outside resources that give financial credibility to their organization - plus provide many valuable finance management helps.  An example is that they are NOT inexpensive members of   Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability - ECFA .  

    My prayer is that these "M-Ps" will be provided with the needed Online/Remote help.  Known resources  include the following:

  •     Financial management helps as provided  when you   Click Here   

  •     Use of appropriate remote HOMERs - often volunteers as discussed HERE

  •    Their periodic internal financial reports need to go far beyond simply showing the amount of money in the Bank - or they have purchased something on credit but it does not yet show up as an expense, etc.   Click Here for more info.  For report samples, please  Click Here  &  Here  (Financial Activity or Video Reports), and Here (Financial Status or Photo Report).  

  •     Online helps provided by Associations/Denominations for Missionary Organizations or applicable groups,  Click Here for an example of an Internet Forum.

K E E P   L O O K I N G   U P !!

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Mom-Pop Ministries - 0939-08 10-12-08