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                            TO:   All Interested Onliners                                                                       FROM: Jim Bramer. Retired CPA-Auditor
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                             RE:  "Where" and "Why" You have Money                                           Originated in September 2006

                                                                         Today's  "FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH" editorial    

        The Lord has appointed almost every human being (from grade school on), plus every human devised organization, to deal with money -  they all acquire and spend money.   Within this context, I have been working with Christian Ministries and Christians with respect to their finances for over 50 years. 

         I still am impressed that too many people inappropriately manage their finances (I am
talking about Individuals as well as Ministries) primarily via  Checking Account or Savings Account  Bank Balance information. 

         About the time I started this
Web Site In 1999, I also wrote an article entitled "Two Sides of the Same Coin."   Then later I again emphasized "Where" and "Why" you have money issues via this edition of  JIMs JRNL.    When you go to  Photo  and  Video  you might find these "Bramer-isms" of interest.  These  Photo  reports have a liquid   "Point in Time" (no Land, Buildings and Equipment  and related liability) thrust and  Video  reports have a what happened during a "Period of Time" emphasis.

         Please note the reasons when you   Click Here  and  Here    for  having a pooled
Bank Balances approach and earn the maximum amount of "Interest Income."  In other-words, when they rely on Bank Balance information only, they manage their finances based on  incomplete financial information, as I explain below.

 "Where" is the Money

         All too often money goes into the Bank and buying decisions are made only from the running Bank Balances or this  incomplete financial information.   Personally, I believe Savings Accounts should adhere to the principles set forth Here. and NOT   be used exclusively for the  WHY  you have such Money  purposes, as some attempt to do.  This vital information of  Bank Balances  is only a part of the equation .... for prudent management of your finances, you urgently need to not only know  Where is the Money,  but you also must know:

"Why" you have this Money  

         You must have complete financial information,  or you need to maintain sufficient financial records so you know what righteous constraints  (self determined budget if you please)  there is on the money in your pooled Bank Accounts. You need to immediately know to what extent you have prudently restricted its use - especially for day-to-day operations.  Hopefully you have determined that others are entitled to some of this money on deposit . With such issues in mind, this means that Christian folk need to at least:

      01>  Judiciously determine your restricted day-to-day Spending Categories; then
      02>  Conclude in advance of making a deposit of money just how you plan to spend it; then
      03>  Do the essential record keeping, and reporting (preferably each week), so that you also have current
               'Why" you have this Money  information - or how much is available to spend in that particular area, etc.
      04>  Such regular reports enable you to appropriately spend within your self defined restrictions, etc.  

        Information as to "Where" your money resides is an essential piece of information.  But it provides you (either a Christian Ministry or a Christian Family Unit) with only incomplete financial information.   Please note the $3,862.60 information below.  

        You must also know "
Why" you have this money (see the various aspects of the "Committed Areas" below) regardless of "Where" it is -- or the amount on deposit at a Bank, etc.  Only then will you have complete financial information,  or the essential remaining part of the equation.   

        It is important for you to make prudent buying decisions from reports of "
Why" you have this money and thus stay within your spending limits.  Below is a sample liquid Photo report showing some details.

Side A -- Available Resources

10-Both Checking and Savings



Side 1 -- Committed Areas

22-Due to the XYZ Credit Card Co


30-Spendable Balances

31-For Church Donations

$ 300.00

32-For Life Style Costs

$ 220.89

33-Mortgage Payment due soon

$ 985.00


40-SetASide (or Escrowed)

41-For Upcoming Events

$ 600.00

49-For Discretionary Purposes

$ 215.00

$ 815.00




      TRUISM -- All Christian entities (People and Ministries) must handle money -  it is an essential part of our lives here on this earth.   When it comes to stewardship of physical resources, it seems that money has the highest profile,  We hope that you manage your finances via the appropriate use of  Banks plus Debit or Credit Cards that you pay off weekly.  You prefer to buy via the use of Plastic because you then have security plus you have a written record of money both coming in and going out --- which you do not have when you use green stuff.                

    What do you think of these three phases of  "Spending Controls" ?

                                                                             --- PHASE ONE ----

- - - - - -  Before you make a deposit you already know how you plan to spend it - - 

        Arrange yourself so that when you receive checks you place them all into the Bank.  Or you do not cash checks, but you get the necessary   'green stuff'  when you use the ATM and charge the withdrawal to the applicable "Spending Area" , etc.  You already know how you plan to spend this discretionary money that is "Internally Restricted" - you decide in advance how to spend it.  Or  a Ministry's donor has expressed an approved preference which means that it is  "Externally Restricted.

        As soon as
"Internally Discretionary" money is available you need to know how you plan to spend it per your different "Spending Areas."   Know this information in advance, or please do NOT decide how to spend money after you obtain it.   Do the essential pre-planning (budget if you please) in advance.

                                                                              --- PHASE TWO ---

- - - - You know if you have money to spend by status within agreed  "Spending Areas" - - - - -

          Have a  Money Record Keeping System  in place, and at least weekly update it with the latest activity so you know if there is "Internally Discretionary" money to spend within your applicable "Spending Areas."  This system, of course, can be written out manually or via the use of some computerized bookkeeping system.  This is vitally important  so you can view the available balance in each  "Internally Discretionary"  "Spending Area" and make decisions accordingly.   

                                                                           --- PHASE THREE ---

 - - - You spend only if that "
Spending Area" has a balance or there is available money - -

          You function as if you had gone to a "Spending Area" of your purse/billfold expecting to use cash to buy something.  But you have prayerfully disciplined yourself so that you can not buy anything because there is no available cash for that "Spending Area" purpose.  Like available Bank Balances, etc. you might have a whole  bunch of  "Cash on Hand"  but it is not available for that purpose, etc.    

          Make disciplined buying decisions based on available balances within applicable "Spending Areas" and not from just the balance in a Bank Account.   As emphasized above, people are too prone to spend from Bank balance information only, etc. 

     THRUST -- Please do your very best to have and effectively use the 
complete financial information  discussed above as you righteously manage your money as unto our Lord.   Please   Click Here  and access such a computerized  complete financial information  effort known as "SPENDING CONTROLS - Jesus Savior Pilot Me." .

        Of course, your feedback at Jim@bcidot.org  is always welcome.  I covet your continued interest and prayers for effective communication.

K E E P   L O O K I N G   U P  !!

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    Originated in September 2006 ---  UPTD: July 19, 2012