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                           TO:   All Interested Church Onliners                                                           FROM: Jim Bramer. Retired CPA-Audtor
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                            RE:  Smaller Church Business Administration Helps                           Originated in February 2003         

   Today's  "FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH" editorial    

         This time my focus is on the Business Administration needs at smaller Christ - Centered Evangelical Churches who I define as having $500,000 or less annual income. Why is administration important to the life of a church? One such person shared this:

         "The Administrator is the person who keeps a thread of knowledge going in and out of every area of Church's ministry. They could be likened to a traffic light so that no train wrecks happen because someone didn't know what was going on.   This pertains to not only financial and legal matters, but the Administrator often has information of all the Church ministries."

     Also see dialog content Here  for a little more perspective on these matters.  Church Business Administration (CBA) issues include management elements of at least the following tangible resources. 

  •     >>  Property        -- ( Facilities and Equipment)
        >>  People        
      -- ( Staff/Personnel/Human Resources),

        >>  Money          
    -- ( Finance and Fund Accounting/Management
                                            Also Go Here   for more resources.

        >>  Computer
     -- ( These days It seems that every Staffer has a Computer Monitor
                                            at their desk)   

        Small Churches are often hindered by the fact that their leaders are often non-business people, plus, of course, there is the overall aspect of limited financial resources.

         Larger churches often retain a staffer (
CBAer) who is responsible for such matters.  But what is the Smaller Church to do professionally to care for such matters as detailed within this Web Page content  web page content? 

          What about such potential options as:

  •      Make applicable use of the Internet and use remote resources. Make use of an appropriate CBAer
    as set forth Here  that might include caring for portions of your accounting
         responsibilities as set forth Here  and  Here 

  •      Consider the option of more than one Church retaining the same CBAer in the same general area. 
         Since it would not be a full time job at a single church, this CBAer would be on site at the church
          at scheduled times and on the payroll of multiple churches. See details set forth Here

  •          Regularly go through the Self Exam as set forth Above and address needed issues.

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