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                             TO:   All Interested Onliners                                                                       FROM: Jim Bramer. Retired CPA-Auditor
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                              RE:   Old fashioned ways:  not always the best                                  Originated in May 2002           

                                                                                                                                "Today's "Ax to Grind"   

        Sometimes we are questioned about using some of the "Tools" available these days as we manage our finances. I often get this message, whether articulated out loud or not:  

 "Let's not mess around with that stuff. Let's just do it the  'old fashioned'  true and proven way like we have always done.  Seems that such  "Tools"  these days are out of control anyway."

        The other Monday I got an Email stating that some of the regular Church Counters were away on a trip and so I was asked to help the other Counters care for their weekly responsibilitiesI got to thinking about how awful it would be if we had to do such necessary tasks the "old fashioned" way.  No doubt some of the following was viewed in that manner at one time.  What would it be like if we - - - -

  1. Had no money or legal tender; we had to barter everything.

  2. Did everything in green stuff and coins; we had no checks.

  3. Did not have safe deposit boxes; we had to hide money collected
    Sunday in the best safe place we could find.

  4. Did not have insured banking institutions; or there was no place to prudently deposit our money.

  5. Either had not learned to write; or we had no writing instrument and paper to write on.

  6. Had to manually write numbers down and add things up; since we had
    no adding machines - especially with paper tape.

  7. Did not have  "sticky stuff"  to put on our fingers so we could count the
    green stuff more efficiently.

  8. Did not have pencils and erasers; so we can cleanly make corrections
    and proceed efficiently with our tasks.

  9. Did not have ball point pens; we had to use pen and ink.

  10. Did not have carbon paperor we had to write out all duplicate copies.

  11. Had to write out everything by hand; frankly, we would have to do a lot of guessing of what we were reading.  

  12. Had to manually endorse every check;  we did not have endorsement stamps.

  13. Did not have calculators, or we had to manually do all of the required math.

  14. Did not have computers and printers, or we had to hand write, or even type, all of our needed internal reports or from reports flowing from the Bank.

  15. Had to write down applicable bank clearing information on each deposit slip
    that is not now required by the bank.

  16. Had to wait longer at the Bank when we make our deposit since they did not have the automatic green stuff/bill counting equipment.

  17. Had to travel a long way to a Bank of our choice.

  18. Oh yea .... what about Email .... hopefully it is a communication tool that supplements word of mouth and various other hard copy means.

        Think about what happens in and around the Church Counting process....... I no doubt have left out something obvious that is now so much better.  OK, OK, you know where I am heading with this.

        The essence of today's  "Ax to Grind"   is to prayerfully utilize the latest proven "cutting edge" resources out there so we can be the best possible fiscal steward. Such resources as identified   HERE   might include buying methods, computer and/or Internet systems plus other applicable technology.

                                                                                               K E E P   L O O K I N G   U P !!

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