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                     TO:   All Interested Onliners                                                                    FROM: Jim Bramer. Retired CPA-Auditor
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                     RE:  Personal Finance Bookkeeping Helps                                       Originated in April 2002

"Today's "Ax to Grind"   

           I read recently that some 51% of consumer expenditures are made by Check.  It also said that Plastic  (Credit Cards) accounts for almost 25% of the mix while Cash payments account for about 17% -- and the residual of 7% goes out via money orders, food stamps, etc.  So our present society uses Checks and Plastic to do over three quarters of their consumer buying.

           I sincerely believe that Christians, especially Dads/Moms with kids at home, need all the help they can get in handling their personal finances in a way that is pleasing to the Lord  (Righteous Personal Finance).  I am extremely impressed with Resources within this folder that are designed to help such people.

            BUT what concerns this retired "Bean Counter" is that people need help beyond any extremely valuable Bible Study and Fellowship time and even beyond the establishment of a Budget per se.  Namely, since most Dads/Moms of today buy a lot of things using checks and plastic,  they MUST do the necessary bookkeeping so they can timely know their financial status and make wise buying decisions.   

            My heart particularly goes out to those BLVRs who are not good at tracking such details.  Let's face it, some people  DO NOT do well in such vital chores as keeping the check stub balance accurate, doing the bank reconciliation, keeping track of all of their plastic, or credit card slips;  etc etc.  They falter in these areas of stewardship and therefore do not know if they are within budget boundaries.   Since they are guessing, they are likely to overspend with the obvious negative results.  Such  BLVRs  thoroughly believe what is being taught by these wonderful groups, but  they need  some "hands on" tools in carrying some of this out.   

           Some are using the  Envelope  system as a budget method  ... or money upon receipt is divided up and placed within applicable expenditure area Envelopes.  Go to MEvelopes  and see a similar commercial ENVELOPE system product now available. When no money is in a specific Envelope there is no money to spend, etc.  When they use this recommended budget method, it should be universal to all of the buying methods mentioned above.  But I am finding that too many use it for Cash only (the above 17%) when they should be using it for their entire consumer buying effort (the 51% plus 25%, or 76%, above). 

            This is now very doable via a Quite Virtual Envelope - QVE  system that we recommend - please Click Here for details.  Please also Go Here  for more info about what we call the  BuxBox  method that applies to such consumer buying methods.  This BuxBox system includes the following Truism: 

    You get your  BuxBox  status report at least weekly and you buy from QVE Envelope Balance (or BuxBox balances) info and NOT according to your Bank Balance.  Since portions of the Bank Balance are "spoken for", the QVE Envelope Balance needs to be high profile and NOT the Bank Balance,  

           Also let me introduce you to  HOMERS  who mostly are "Stay at Home" Moms or Retired/Semi-Retired "Keenagers"  who assist BLVRs (and also Ministries)  almost exclusively Online.   Let's suppose that BLVRs are presently a part of a Church sponsored  Resource  group and are thoroughly convinced of the need to practice Righteous Personal Finance. beginning with the establishment of a Budget.  They are NOT good at doing bookkeeping so they update their Computer and Internet connection and retain a HOMER  for a BuxBox effort. A major advantage is that you remotely work with reliable person you do not know or see personally as together you work though your "very" personal finance matters.  Please  Go Here  for the many details of the following, but a HOMER working with a typical Christian "Dad/Mom" with three kids not yet in college can be assisted in at least the following ways:

>>  Together they finalize Dad/Mom's Righteous Personal Finance budget
>>  Together they structure
Dad/Mom's Virtual Envelope method using this BuxBox system
>>  Help as the bookkeeping software/system is made accessible via the Internet for both
Dad/Mom and HOMER.
>>  Work with Dad/Mom to set up their weekly Plastic, or credit cards, payment system.
>>  Work with
Dad/Mom as their bank transactions flow weekly via their bank and the Internet to the bookkeeping software/system

 Assist the Dad/Mom as their bank transactions are coded and processed for the BuxBox system
>>  Produces
BuxBox system reports clearly showing activity and how much is in each BuxBox so that
Dad/Mom know if they have any money in their applicable BuxBox to spend the following week.
C A U T I O N:   Remember ... it is HOMERs primary function to timely get reports to Dad/Mom, so money can be righteously spent as unto the Lord.
NOT to assist Dad/Mom in tax or investment matters, or provide counsel about Righteous Personal Finance matters or debt management.  Dad/Mom should be using other resources for these purposes.

   Also Go Here  for some more specifics along these lines.  Email me  at  if this might be of interest to you.  Also see what this CONTROL SPENDING  Web Site  has to offer.  It seems that this arrangement could be a real blessing to the applicable BLVR. 


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