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                               TO:  All Interested Onliners                                                                 FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA-Auditor
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                               RE:  Ministry Receipts                                                                          Originated in November 2000                   

   Today's "Ax to Grind" Topic 

          Ministries often enter into some type of monthly agreement with a Donor whereby a donation is to come into the Ministry at a specific time of the month.  

          Plus Schools, of course, also make arrangements for Parents to make monthly installments of Tuition/Fees.

         My thrust is to righteously arrange it so that such payments come at the initiative of the Ministry or School.  Or this money comes in per the recipient's timing and not per the timing of the one making the payment.  Please Go Here  for some more perspective. 


         The person making the payment is relieved of taking any action.  As a good steward, the Ministry or School is in charge of such things and can depend on money coming in at the agreed time.  

HOW (1)

         Of course, the Ministry or School notifies the person as they process payments via any one of the following methods:


           At the time of the monthly agreement, the person writes post dated checks .. we call them Drafts.....that are processed by the Ministry or School per the indicated date.  Click here for more specifics in a School setting where this can be tried for a short period of time and if all are satisfied then do so for a longer period of time. etc.  At any time the Drafts can be voided.  If the Ministry or School uses QBooks, we recommend  that the Drafts be entered now into the system as per their future date.  This practice contributes to safety plus reminder and automatic processing at the future date. Click here for more Drafts info.


           The person making the payment arranges for the Ministry or School to do, at the agreed time,  the equivalent of an ATM withdrawal, or writing a check on their bank account via a Electronic Funds Transfer - EFT arrangement.  Not unlike various debit card systems out there that you initiate.

    PAY PAL:

      The idea here is to make payments as part of processing Email.  Goto for some details.  


           The person making the payment provides the Ministry or School with Credit Card or Debit Card info so they can process said charge at the agreed time each month.  Click here for info as to how a School might do this.


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