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                 TO:  All Interested Onliners                                                                   FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA-Auditor
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                  RE:   HOMERS serving Christian Ministries or BLVRs                 Originated during August 2000         

   Today's  "FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH" editorial    

 T H R U S T

     Today's "Ax to Grind" has to do with HOMERs remotely serving Christ-Centered Ministries  --- including Christian BLVRs   --  or let's put qualified HOMERS together with  MINISTRY FINANCE TEAMs - MFTeam  and/or the applicable Christian BLVRs  for the purpose of Righteous Personal Finance.  Please  Go Here   for some ideas about also helping Missionaries.  We define HOMERS to be finance savvy people who prefer to work from home, but especially .....


     According to the U. S. Census Bureau, in 2004 over 5 million women were "STAY AT HOME MOMS."  Many of these very special ladies believe they should be at home while their kids are growing up. Praise the Lord for such commitment !   Their issues might include:

     >>   They probably need to earn a regular income as they serve primarily remotely from their home ---- no daily commuting.
   Some can occasionally meet in person with
a local Christian MFTeam group or BLVRs  but the emphasis is "remote."   

"Retirees or KEEN - AGERS" 

        A number of us are in our un-employed retirement years, but we want to use our time wisely as unto the Lord and remain active and productive.   Many have a background that offers much to the Christian MFTeam or BLVR.    Click here  and read a previous Editorial along these lines.  Issues for this group include:

  •    Due to preference or health, many will want to serve initially/occasionally --- not regularly. Or some may want to help you get started and then only evaluate how you doing from time to time. 

  •    Most will NOT need to earn an income, or they can volunteer with expense reimbursements aspects only.

  •    Some might be mobile and desire to travel out of town to a one-time assignment in/around a fun trip in the area. Some spouses can provide related assignment help. 


          In our judgment, Qualified HOMERS can especially remotely assist Christian Ministries or BLVRs  as follows:

Fellow Christian Computer Finance Helps

         HOMERs be remote "kin" to Christian BLVRs  in their pursuit of  Righteous Personal Finance  per use of such bookkeeping methods and tools when you  Click Here  and learn about eEnvelope System, etc.  Click here for information about use of Quickbooks Online Edition (QBOE)  on the Web.  Please especially be aware of the Internet Centric (or Internet Friendly) resources when you digest the contents Here.

Set up and monitor (usually remotely Online) a needed Computer Finance System 

                   Examples might be:

  •      eEnvelope system for Christian BLVRs  - Click Here for specifics.
  •      Notice what Jim Bramer is doing re the use of QuickBooks when you  Click Here
  •      Fund Accounting Methods  - Click Here  for more info 
  •      eFINFAX  "Internet Friendly" Accounting System
  •      School Acct Rec (SCHAR) System - Click Here for SCHAR info 
  •      Fiscal Operation Examinations, or provide Grades to the MFTeam --   Click Here for a Grade report samples. 
  •       Please  Click Here  and learn about one Business Administrator remotely serving  multiple Christ-Centered Ministries.

Provide Regular Ministry Computer Bookkeeping Services

        HOMERS can help the Ministry in these fundamental financial matters. Click Here  for detailed Church tasks of this nature; plus information about them serving locally or remotely as might especially be appropriate.    Click Here for more info about such services being provided to a Church via Internet tools.  More examples are found Here   and  Here.  Be sure and Go Here and get a feel for this way of helping, also.

Serve as Ministry ASSURORS

        What in the world are you talking about now, Jim?  Ok Ok,  Click here and read about outsourced ASSURORs  who provide, locally or remotely, the necessary QuickBooks (TM) (QB) Verification/Assurance services to any Ministry using this computer software.  

Ministry Internal Auditors 

        Click here and learn more about how HOMERS can complement the work of your External CPA-Auditor. 

Where do Onliners find Qualified HOMERS ?

        Please   Go Here  and read about our attempts to especially work with "STAY AT HOME MOMS" or   Retired KEENAGERS."   Plse contact us at  Jim@bcidot.org   for some specifics on this topic.

Questions for Onliners:

  •      Do any of you Onliners have knowledge of available HOMER resources out there? Any ideas? 

  •      What about making such things known out on the various Ministry Finance Forums - ? 

  •      What about pushing this concept to applicable Evangelical groups, or associations (especially Church groups) out there?  

  •      What has been your experience re use of  www.intercristo.com  ---  where people are available and people are looking?

  •      Contact us at  BDP@rpfin.org   or  Jim@bcidot.org  for more information.

                KEEP  LOOKING  UP !!

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