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                      TO:  Ministry Finance Team                                                                                FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired CPA-Auditor
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Re:  Web Based Applications or
                                      APPLICATION SERVICE PROVIDERS
Originated: April 2000      


         I have been around most of you long enough so that I can just hear you say... "What in the world is Jim talking about this time?"   So let me quickly begin by saying that ASPs are Web based Computer systemsAs of the Updated date below, it seems that more and more people are now using the term "Web Based Application."  A quickie definition of an ASP goes something like this:

    "An APPLICATION SERVICE PROVIDER (ASP) is a Web based business that supplies an Onliner who uses a fast Internet connection with current software applications for use over the Internet for a monthly fee. There is no need for you to purchase software and then place it on your hard drive for use on your desktop.  You simply log on to the provider's web site and your Internet browser allows you to use the software virtually as if you were using your Desktop software for the same purpose."

Additional features include:

     You don’t have to worry about data storage, backup, hardware compatibility, upgrades, updates, or viruses. Your data is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and is accessible from different locations. They offer an inexpensive solution for ministries needing remote processing, and they can take the hassle out of owning software. We understand that part of the monthly 'package' is that you are trained to always be using the latest software -- and you have access to computer experts in order to do this.

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      Because of these features an ASP accounting relationship should be especially appealing to smaller Evangelical Churches and Christian Pre-Schools and Elementary Schools "Smaller" in my mind means that in one year you handle $500,000, or less. Be sure and view the contents Here  where you will find some relevant information about Ministry Finance Applications.

           Some Jim Bramer Observations:

  •    Please notice that ASP refers to Software ..... not Hardware, although I keep reading where more and more options are available to  "outsource Hardware systems"; this includes providing you with the latest.  

  •     In order to be a good steward of time and resources, all Ministries need to be using the most efficient and effective administrative tools available.  My experience is that all too often the Smaller Ministry is using Computer System "dinosaurs"  --- the Smaller Ministry simply can not keep up with all of the hardware and software changes.  

  •    Software systems, as provided by an ASP and the Internet, would be 'cutting edge' for a very reasonable monthly fee. Having access to training and technicians would no doubt be a real blessing in using such tools to the utmost.  

  •    Further,  it would seem that Ministries need some type of contingency plan if, for some reason, they can NOT connect up on the Internet.

  In our judgment, ASP Computer system applications would include tools that we set forth within this document.   More information by specific MFTeam finance management areas are below:

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Web Based application to do Personal Finance using the Envelope Method.

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Web Based accounting product. 
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   There is strong evidence that ASPs are the next "wave" of the future as to meaningful uses of computer systems by Ministry Finance Teams of smaller Ministries. 


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    ASP = A)pplication S)ervice P)roviders  - or Web Based Applications
     MFT or MFTeam = M)inistry F)inance T)eam
     QBOE = Q)uickB)ooks O)nline E)dition for the Web
     Schar = Sch)ool A)ccounts R)eceivable 

      UPTD: June 08, 2012