2002-07 School Acct Rec Issues - ZZeod


TOPIC: School Accounts Receivable Issues                                                                                                              DATE: January 12, 2000

TOPICAL OVERVIEW: This School uses QuickBooks  (QB) for School Accounts Receivable (Schar).  This dialog provides information about QB memorized monthly tuition charges posted directly to the QB Statement of Charges and NOT use the QB Invoice process.                                                                                                                                                               FILE: 2002-07

Group = School

    We decided that the best way to handle our monthly School tuition charge was to use a QB memorized statement of charges that are assigned to a monthly group that we post at the beginning of the month.
    I would be interested to know what your success is in using QB Invoices.
    Maybe we should be using Invoices rather than posting directly to the Parent's Statement of Charges.

TO Onliner 02:

   Please access the following URLs re School Accounts Receivable (Schar):
    Below are factors why Schools using QB that we work with do almost exactly like you described and process a monthly Tuition Statement Charge only..... and see no value in processing an Invoice. However fees, like daycare or occasional class room fees, etc, always flow via an QB Invoice.
  • This monthly charge was an understanding at the time of registration and the School rendered a Tuition invoice equivalent via the QB process.
  • Want the QB charge process done as efficiently as possible
  • Want to monitor Aging of all charges as efficiently as possible.
  • Written account communication with the parent nearly always involves the annual account history for the year.
  • Let us know if you would like to directly interact with SCHOOL Onliner03 who also uses the "Statement of Charges" method described above

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