2005-07 QB Stmt of Acct-Tax Deduction Issues - ZZeod


TOPIC:  QB Statement of Acct-tax deduction issues                                               UPTD:  March 09, 2012

TOPICAL OVERVIEW: This School wants to structure it's qbSCHAR (School Accounts Receivable) accounting system to accommodate the reporting of tax deductible payments for Child Care. The QB Statement of Account reporting mechanism is believed to accomplish this best.                                                                                                                                       FILE: 2005-07


    We want to modify the QB invoice template to provide better data to our Parents to assist them in reporting their child care payments for tax purposes. Also we have been unsuccessful in wanting to print out only amounts paid , and not charged.

TO Onliner

    QB Invoice templates can be readily changed, but it seems that your issue is the best way to provide parents with calendar year child care payment information in January of each year.
    In addition to qbSCHAR reference data provided in the URL referenced below, there is merit in periodically providing Parents with financial transaction history via the QB statement process. Child Care Invoices should appear clearly on the statement.
    Render such a statement, filtered for the calendar year, and thus provide the necessary information to the parent in an efficient complete manner. The Parent will need to determine what bills, or charges, were paid by their indicated checks (usually monthly) to the School appearing on the statement.


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