2032-07 QB Hands On - Excercise Corrections - ZZeod


TOPIC "QBs Hands On" Exercise Corrections                                            ORIGINATED  July 25, 2002

TOPICAL OVERVIEW:  Updates, or corrections, to the 0079-20 link called "QBs-Hands On"  which provides Onliners with a Sample QuickBooks (TM) (QBs)  company and sample transactions that they process.

FILE: 2032-07                                                                                                              UPTDMarch 09, 2012

TO Bcidot.org: 

    I am working through your QBs-Hands-On exercises on your 0079-20.   See link below. 
In your journal entry for #20 you say "...credit acct 600 for $6,675. 00 more donations". I did that and my donations account was off.     You had instructed to set up acct # 401 as the donations account, so I think you probably should be saying to credit account 401 for $6,675 instead of account 600.


TO Onliner:
    Well, it worked.   Make an error and see if anybody catches it.   B(ig) G(rin)  !!!!!   Not Really, but it does show that you are certainly applying what I shared and hopefully now have a much better handle on a way to use QBs for Ministry Fund Accounting.
    Thank you for making this known!!!!
TO Bcidot.org:
    While we are at it, you need to also know the following:
In # 21 you have the user add a new account #140. There was already an account #140. My solution was to renumber the existing #140 to #139 and then add the new #140.

TO Onliner:     
    Oh my goodness !!!!  Thanx again !!  


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