2039-07 QB Filtering for detailed reports -- ZZeod


TOPIC QB Filtering Process                                                                            ORIGINATED  November 18, 2005

TOPICAL OVERVIEW:  Provides some examples of how you can utilize the QB filtering process to select and printout QB detailed reports as you make specialized posting to the QB Memo area, etc.    

FILE: 2039-07                                                                                                                      UPTDMarch 09, 2012

Jim Bramer :  I have recently learned of how one of you is utilizing the "QB Filtering Process" to enhance your reporting capabilities.

Onliner: Why is this needed .... what purpose does it serve?

Jim:   Let me answer you in this way: The scenario is that your Church is utilizing Fund Accounting Method 1 found within 0601 and you set up one of the QB Equity accounts to record all of the Youth Activities whereby participants take part in a Youth event and they reimburse the Church for the expenses of the Event. The Church has decided to establish this generic Self Funding account (let's say it is account 3877) for all Youth  Activities as they utilize the QB Classes to account for generic type of Income/Expense as applicable to all "Special Purpose Funds" as outlined within 0041.   Also see 3444 for more Self Funding information.

Onliner:   OK .... please tell me more.

Jim:   Following the above scenario, let's say that within the "Youth Activities account 3877" there are seven different events during the year. Leaders would like to know the Income/Expenses for each event.  You can not use the "QB Class" feature to do this because it is already used for another purpose.

Onliner:  Yes, that is frequently the case with us and so we go to the 3877 account and print out an Excel doc showing all of the transactions within 3877. We then set up seven columns therein and manually post said detail to the applicable column.

Jim:   Sure, that works, but one of you effectively uses the "QB Filtering Process" to do more efficiently as you can get a QB report for each Activity. Here is what happens:

>> A two digit number is assigned for the above seven different activities. Let's say that they are assigned as follows: 01-XYZ Activity; 02-ABC Activity, etc.
>> This number and dash only ( 01- ) are then posted first within the "QB Memo" area for each  3877 Income/Expense transaction
>> As a result, this person can use the following "QB Filtering Process" to print a report for 01- transactions only.

Onliner:  That could be real helpful as we would then have a report for each Activity leader, etc. What are the exact steps?

Jim:  Let me know if you would like to interact with this person (Or you and I can dialog by utilizing the GoToMyPC resource mentioned within  0130 )  as to the following "QB Filtering Process" steps:

>> Go to your QB "Chart of Accounts" -- choose account 3877 and press ENTER
>> Choose "Quick Report" for this account
>> From "Quick Report" use the "Modify Report" tab
>> Working from the "Display" column columnar options
>> Change columns to at least include separate ones for "Debit" and "Credit".
>> Use the "Modify Report" tab to go to "Filters" and choose "Memo"
>> Then type in the blank window 01-
>> Change the header to rename the activity report.
>> Press Enter and the result is a renamed "QB Quick Report" showing 01- transactions only.

Onliner:  That is neat ...... let me experiment with this as I can also see other uses of this "QB Filtering Process" as I provide other such reports as filtered from "QB Memo" area postings.  Thank you.

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