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TOPIC QB File Exchange & QB Class Proof                                                                 Date: November 2001

TOPICAL OVERVIEW: This covers such topics as exchanging types of QuickBooks � (QB) files by Email and the production of a QB Class Proof.

FILE: 2027-07                                                                                                                          UPTDMarch 09, 2012

TO Bcidot.org: 
    Thank you for providing me with the QB2001 file called "Small Ministry Sample."  Unfortunately I am not able to unzip it and get it into my system.  Help !! 
To Onliner
    I apologize .... I should have made it clear that this is an uncompressed file and does NOT need to be backup restored or unzipped.  You should be able to simply place it, as is, within your existing QBPro2001 folder, access it and proceed. If/when we exchange large QB files we will need to do some compressing.  CAUTION:  you will need the same updated free QBPro2001 version from Intuit.
TO Bcidot.org: 
    OK .... am now able to access it and have been digesting it.  I believe I understand now your  0601-06  Method One approach where you use QB Equity accounts  for Special Purpose Funds and then the QB Class feature to indicate the types of income and expenses therein.  I am impressed with your Proof system and I believe I understand how each was produced except "03-Video Class Proof."  What standard report did you use?
To Onliner
    You get this "03-Video Class Proof" by accessing the:  Reports: Custom Summary Report; columns by "Total Only" and row by "Class"; then filtering for selected Equity Accounts . The following link contents should also be of help


TO Bcidot.org: 
    When working with the SPFunds, do you adjust for opening equity at the beginning of each year or just use an on-going running total?
To Onliner
    There are some year end SPFund Balance Forward 'gyrations' that you need to go through. Be especially careful about getting the prior year QB Retained Earnings (the prior year Income Statement gain or loss) into the SPFunds Equity accounts..  Let me know if you still have questions of this nature after you have carefully followed the 0659-02 link directions.

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