2018-07 QB or QuickBooks & Bank Rec Issues - ZZeod


TOPIC:  QB or QuickBooks & Bank Rec Issues                              DATE: January 14, 2000

TOPICAL OVERVIEW: The Onliner posted deposits and checks into QB,  when QB was started,  but did not bank reconcile each month.  This dialog provides some possible solutions.    Includes a method for posting a whole bunch of previous months at the same time and some uses of the Internet and Bank Rec matters.                            FILE: 2018-07     

        Please direct me to some general QB installation helps; especially regarding the initial bank reconciliation procedure or steps that follow.
TO Onliner:

          Your stated situation is a little hazy, but let's see if both of us can relate to the following hypothetical set of  facts:

> People have a QuickBooks (QB) system in place;

> They started with good year end closing numbers of the previous year end;.

> This included the Bank Reconciliation (BREC) at the end of  the preceding fiscal year end.

> They posted checks and deposits for the new year for some eight months (it could be any number of months, of course);

> BUT they have NOT Bank reconciled the QB dollars to the dollars appearing on the respective Bank Statements.


        1>  Sounds about like what happened.  What now? 

        2>   Also when our CPA prepared our year financials, he did not take the info from QB ... he was provided with paper documents only.  Would it be desirable to reconstruct the previous year?


                A probable "If it were Me" solution includes:

> Check off the previous fiscal year's outstanding checks/deposits in transit .... or be sure that such numbers "carried forward before the initial use of QB"  were clean.

> After that, simply be sure that the running QB Bank Balance at the end of month equals the applicable month end Bank Statement balance.  See 0687-02 for more details. Check each item off within QB's Bank Rec system  and mirror the Bank Statement activity, or content, to the transactions within the QB Bank Account.  During these interim months be sure that the Month End QB running Bank balance and Month End Bank Statement Balance are the same. If something legitimate shows up on said Bank Statements that you did not previously know about and record, then post as a Bank Charge or Credit of that month and proceed through last month's activity.

> Then post the current month's activity including what you know has not cleared the bank.

> When the next Bank Statement comes, you should have the info to appropriately BREC for the current month end and in the future.

     We also recommend the above process when a Onliner has to input into QB for a whole bunch of back months at the same time.  Identify the deposits and checks (provide Chart of Accts info in advance) on the Bank Statement itself so you can input to QB directly therefrom. 

    Along these lines, you might also find of interest the overall "After the Fact - ATF"  processes using the Internet for weekly Bank Statement and/or Plastic Statement info processing as set forth  within the links below:


Sorry --- do not have enough info to respond to your second question.

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