QB-More Missionary Organization QuickBooks Info - 2022-07 ZZeod
2022-07 QB-More Missionary Organization QuickBooks Info - ZZeod


TOPIC:  Setting up a Missionary                                                                     FILE: 2022-07 
Organization on QuickBooks                     
                                      DATE:  October 2007

TOPICAL  OVERVIEW:  Review of Non QBooks issues first and then pursue how QBooks can be used at a brand new Missionary Organization.

Onliner #1:

    Thank you very much, Jim, for talking with me the other evening.  We have a family member who has just started a Missionary Organization and I am trying to set up QuickBooks (QBs) ....... none of us have an accounting background.  We have a growing mailing list of almost 1,000 and some 75 regular contributors.  Per your suggestion, we have looked over your  http://www.bcidot.org web site.   
    How do I set up QBs ? 

Onliner Jim:

    Thank you for connecting up ...... please notice that both of you are getting a copy of this Email as I suggest we first do something like the following:

1>  If both of you have not already done so, please printout and read the following URL on the bcidot.org web site:


2>  From this publication, please link to and print out/read the referenced publications.

3>  If you still are interested in working with us after reading these publications, then we next need to phone discuss such things as:

Non-QuickBooks (QBs) legal and tax issues - 
     a>    Your complete name and history; tax exemptions fiscal year, IRS form 990; CPA/return  preparation helps; missionary clergy status and        issues. 
     b>    Relationship understanding between your Ministry and ourselves.
     c>    Your Computer System and resident computer expert.
     d>    Your Ministry Finance Team - MFT - and our serving thereon for a short time.
     e>    Use of existing mailing list and Donation accounting.

QuickBooks (QBs) issues - 
     f>    Hopefully QBooks version 2000 (No need for Pro)
     g>    Exact steps re proposed To/Fro endeavor.
     h>    Chart of Accounts - Designated Funds/Projects
     J>    Integrated or separate Donation accounting.
     K>    Missionary expenses and payroll accounting.

     Looking forward to next step. 

        As most of you know, we here at  www.bcidot.org  dialog by email with Onliners regarding Ministry Finance (MinFin) issues.  Above is an "Edited Onliner Dialog", or an edited version of an actual dialog with one of you, but we have honored your privacy and have not used your name or that of your Ministry. Our purpose is to take this information and make it available to any interested Ministry Finance Team (MFTeam) so you can learn from one another. Let us know if you would like to dialog on a Peer to Peer basis with the other Onliner involved and we will try to put the two of you together.                Thanx - Jim Bramer - Proverbs  9:10 ----- Updated on   04-27-10