QB and Staffer Designations- 2017-07 ZZeod
2017-07 QB and Staffer Designations- ZZeod


TOPIC:  QBooks and Staffer Designations                                                                                            DATE:  January 17, 2001

TOPICAL OVERVIEW: This dialog provides information  to a Mission Agency who desires to use features of the QB system to track Staff Donations, make monthly deductions and then settle the balance with the Staffer.        FILE: 2017-07

  • I maintain the financial records for a Mission Agency where we handle donations designated for our staffers.  There is quite a bit of volume  since each staffer raises their own support from both churches and numerous individuals.
  • We have a database that is used for financial and prayer support contacts and for the detailed donations info by each supporter.
  • We regularly post staffer donations info to their account and we settle up monthly with each of them.  They receive the balance after we have charged them for the agree overhead costs percentage;  plus assessments for such purposes as overseas field emergencies, etc.
  • Can we use QB to do all of this?
TO Onliner:

    As demonstrated via the content of the URL below, we are pleased to share that QB is doing this effectively. Notice the Settlement Report Sample within URL 0755-07 for specifics.


    If you would like to Email inter-act with those who are using QB in doing something like this, please let JimCPA@bcidot.org  know.

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