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TOPIC: Church Online Giving and Worship                                                                       ORIGINATED  January 23, 2003

TOPICAL OVERVIEW: As expressed below, there is a 'Church Worship' concern in/around making tithes/offerings/pledge payments via the Internet or by Credit Card payments..    

FILE: 2036-07                                                                                                                                UPTDMarch 31, 2013

TO Bcidot.org: 
    On  www.bcidot.org   you refer to making contributions to both Publicly Supported  Ministries and the local Church via Ministry originated transactions as authorized in advance by the Donor..  The first example is a check equivalent (
EFT = Electronic Funds Transfer) as written on the donor's bank account,  or the donation is charged by the Ministry to the donor's Credit Card.
 Please Click Here for more information about the Debit Card option.

     TO Onliner:
        Yes ..... these topics are mentioned in the following links:     0035  -   0907  -  0212  -  0175
TO Bcidot.org:
        My concern has to do with the concept of a financial commitment that I have made to the Lord in/around my Church.  As part of my worship time I believe I should be making a donation or "give during the appointed worship service time."  Or I need to include this as part of my worship time.

     TO Onliner:   
        Thank you.   You are not the first one to bring this up.  I agree ---- we need to make and keep promises to the Lord about our personal finances.  Or on a regular basis we need to pay our tithes and offerings and ideally make it a part of our weekly worship time .  Two scenarios:  
            1st -- The Church leadership asks us to we make a annual written pledge to make regular promised monthly donations to a Project (like Building Fund),  or,  at some churches,  we make annual pledges for the ongoing regular expenses of the Church
            2nd - There is no written pledge like above but a family makes a vow as part of their
Righteous Personal Finance relationship with the Lord.  See  4007  for some more info.  This is  approximately the same each month since the family monthly income is about the same.
TO Bcidot.org:

        Yes ....... the usual way for me to care for this commitment is to manually write a check as a part of my monthly bill paying process and enclose it in a giving envelope that my church provides for me at the beginning of the year for placement in the weekly offering plate..  The giving envelope is a reminder to do this, plus the actual writing of the check helps me keep track of how much money I have in the bank.
     TO Onliner:

        OK ... the list below is to remind you of some of the personal merits of the EFT,  or Credit Card (Plastic) method, as pointed out in the links above:
            >>  You do not have to remember to do this transaction .... it originates with the Ministry
            >>   No need to manually write a check - someone else you trust does it for you. See  0926  for some specifics.
            >>   You get Plastic "perks" ----  like 'frequent flier miles"
            >>   Money manage - you have a "
now" transaction, but it is not "out of pocket" until your monthly Plastic payment.
            >>   Like other Plastic benefits, you write one check that covers a number of monthly transactions.

TO Bcidot.org:

        I appreciate this, but I still have a "worship time" problem as explained above.

     TO Onliner:

        I believe that any
Church should provide you with a
Giving Envelope -- like all other Church folk -  plus either an Email in/around the transaction or a a "coupon like" document for each commitment.  This document would permit you to have all of the benefits mentioned above and also accomplish the following purposes:  

            >>   Reminder to the Donor of in essence writing a check - update check-stub, or
            >>   Reminder of a Plastic transaction
            >>   Then place this
'coupon like' document in the Giving Envelope and
            >>   Participate in the worship service like all other worshippers
            >>   Even though the Church will have processed this gift as per agreement
            >>   This document would confirm the transaction, etc.
        A Publically Supported Ministry could do basically the same process.
TO Bcidot.org:

        Aha ...... maybe this would work.  Thank you.

          As most of you know, at  www.bcidot.org   dialog by email with Onliners regarding Ministry Finance (MinFin) matters.  Above are what we call "Edited Onliner Dialogs", or edited versions of actual dialogs with some of you;  but we have honored your privacy and not used your name or that of your Ministry.  Our purpose is to make topical MinFin information available to any interested  Ministry Finance Team  so we all can learn from these perspectives.   Thanx - Jim Bramer, Retired CPA-Auditor  - Proverbs  9:10

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