2026-07 Finance Job Desc or Duties at a Church - 2026-07 ZZeod


TOPIC:  Church Finance Job Descriptions or Duties     FILE: 2026-07                                                  UPTD: March 09, 2012

TOPICAL  OVERVIEW:  Dialog with Church Ministry Finance Team member on the general topic of Job Descriptions or Church Finance tasks/duties.

Onliner "1":

       Some one out there must have some Job Descriptions for finance people at a Church.  Please provide me with a copy. 

Onliner "A":�

        Perhaps others have copies to share with you.
        My view is that you identify all of the expected finance duties/tasks within your Church - this begins with the Board of Leadership and Finance Committee.  
        Then you look at the applicable people currently involved (regardless of their present assigned titles, etc.) and assign said duties.  After that you can, if nothing else, produce a expectation todo list ("what" info) that includes deadlines ("when" info). 

Onliner "1":    

       OK.  Can you provide such lists? 

Onliner "A";

      Click below for some web site links that either provides some lists of Finance Tasks or provides information about Church Finance areas of responsibility.  Take all of such info into consideration as you personalize to your unique situation and assign duties among your people.    

                        Ministry Finance Team             0000-99
                        Business Office                         0074-01
                        Church Counters                      5001-77
                        Web Accounting System        5888-01

Onliner "1":

        Very helpful - thank you.  Anything else?  

Onliner "A":  

       Some thoughts about general tasks and their management can be found in 0906-03. Contact us at Jim@bcidot.org  if you have comments or questions about any of these matters.  

       As most of you know, we here at   www.bcidot.org  dialog by email with Onliners regarding Ministry Finance (MinFin) issues.  Above is an "Edited Onliner Dialog", or an edited version of an actual dialog with one of you, but we have honored your privacy and have not used your name or that of your Ministry. Our purpose is to take this information and make it available to any interested Ministry Finance Team (MFTeam) so you can learn from one another. Let us know if you would like to dialog on a Peer to Peer basis with the other Onliner involved and we will try to put the two of you together.                Thanx - Jim Bramer - Proverbs  9:10