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TOPIC:  Church Donation Systems                                                                                                                     DATE: May 22, 2001

TOPICAL OVERVIEW: This Church needs a Donation Processing System - probably not integrated within QBs (TM) (QB).                                                                                           FILE: 2020-07

FR Fran ....

    I went to enter deposits but don't see how to keep track of names. I need to be able to add up each month or by year how much each individual gives and to what. Can you explain further, please?


    Your church has some decisions to make about what I call DonaMail or Church Mgt software (CMS).

1> No doubt the church has a written list of constituents (members)  -- which is used periodically to do some type of mailing. Plus the Church has records of people's names addresses phone numbers etc --- for just reference purposes.

2> As you mentioned, the church needs to maintain the appropriate financial giving records

3> We recommend that churches who have more than 50 Giver Units use the applicable CMS -Church Management Software computer system to maintain and utilize such data .... we call this a DonaMail (Dona(tion) plus Mail) computer file. See more DonaMail specifics via the following URL content.

4> As mentioned in the above URL, QuickBooks has a very basic way of doing the Giving Record keeping only. Since it is Not a DonaMail system, we generally do NOT recommend that Quickbooks for this purpose. But as explained within we know that some Churches use Quickbooks in this way. It is, obviously, inefficient since the Church has to maintain the same name/address within two separate sets of records.

5> Suggest you concentrate now on getting last years  deposits to the right Fund.

6> If really necessary, I suggest that someone (not you necessarily) post these to these old giving records as was done in the previous year  ----- but not integrate into the Qbooks records. You have your hands full just getting caught up on last year's regular QB bookkeeping. Frankly, if it were me, I would not have Giving ledgers, or like records, for this old year  -- via QuickBooks (TM) (QB) or manually. You simply provide info on a "as needed" basis to any Constituent/Giver from the unposted records you have now.

7> The Church needs to decide what they are going to do for the current year ASAP. Suggest that you print out the above links on this topic and give to your leadership so that they can read my view of these issues. I am available to phone discuss, if needed,

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