2004-07 Acctg Issues Unique to a Church 2004-07 ZZeod


TOPIC:  Unique Church Accounting Issues                                                                                                                  UPTD: January 13, 2000

TOPICAL OVERVIEW: This Church has just gotten QuickBooks (TM) (QB) software and has some structure issues.  Plus they have some questions about tracking Membership giving records.                                                                                 FILE: 2004-07

TO: FORUM:  Have just gotten QuickBooks (QB).  Need to establish a Chart of Accounts that will accomplish the needs of a church. Please help re:
  • Using QB classes and QB sub-accounts
  • We have to account for General Fund, Designated and other funds.
  • General Fund handles all payables, operating expenses, Admin expenses, a percentage goes to Missions (above mission designation ) and to a Building Fund (again, above any designation). We hope to begin new bldg construction within this next year.
  • The accounting for multiple checking/savings accounts within this context.
  • Within QB can I build a database for individual giving and produce a year end report to them.
  • We need a payroll system that handles both clergy and regular staff; hopefully via QB. Then there are 1099 responsibilities for non clergy and staff.
  • There is the need for reporting of Budget data, Restricted accounts and Defrayment/Reimbursement accounts.
TO Onliner:

    Thank you for connecting up ---- these are "right on" and pertinent issues that need addressing. Resources can be found at
    Please browse and get back in touch thereafter.


   Thank you for directing me to this web site. Where do I get a Sample Chart of Accounts; plus we need more info about the DonaMail product.

TO Onliner:

    Click here for Samples of a Church Chart of Accounts. 
   DonaMail in not a product ...... it is a contraction of Dona)tion and Mail)ing with the idea of combining a data base of names and addresses that serve these different purposes. Suggest you go to the Library below and search for "DonaMail".
    Please let  Jim@bcidot.org  know if interested in getting directly in touch with various DonaMail or CMS-Church Management Software chusers.

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