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TOPIC Staff Deductions for Donations                                                             Date: September 2010

TOPICAL OVERVIEW:   Comments about the "Don-Lee  (Donation via Employees) process whereby Staff members of a Church (or any Christ-Centered Ministry for that matter) make financial pledges and said Staff members choose to have them deducted from their wages, etc..

FILE: 2040-10                                                                                                        UPTDMarch 09, 2012

TO Bcidot.org: 

          I am a Church Employee/Staffer and I have made some
Tithe Commitments to the Lord and to the Church like any other God-honoring member here.    There seems to be merit in a voluntary amount being withheld from my wages/salary and have it go as a Tithe commitment to the Church like what is done in and around being Internet Friendly that you advocate.
TO Onliner:
             Wow,  that sounds like an efficient way to handle such a matter.  This "Don-Lee  (Donation via Employees) process  sounds pretty much like many of the Online Receipts that occur electronically at any Church.  It seems that some of the reasons for doing this include:
        >>   You do it completely voluntarily as unto the Lord  ....  no mandate from your employer
        >>   It happens automatically per each pay check .....  there is no need for you to make a deposit and
                then write a check, etc.
TO Bcidot.org: 
        If this happened here at our Church,  what would be the bookkeeping process ?
TO Onliner:
        Let's suppose it amounted to $100.00 for each pay check.   Each $100.00 would be handled like any voluntary deduction from someone's wages as it is placed into a "Clearing Liability Account"  (along with amounts from any other Staffers who are doing the same thing).   At least monthly this "Clearing Liability Account" would be zeroed out.  This could happen by the Church writing a check to itself as it pays off this liability and then the Church's check is processed like any other donation  (especially Online Donations that go directly to the Bank account) via the Church's  DonaMail  system as you get tax deductible credit at this Church.  Of course, Journal Entries, could accomplish much of the same.
TO Bcidot.org: 
          Right ....  this could flow quite like electronic deposits of   Online Receipts, where some are Donations and others are Event Proceeds which go to a "Clearing Liability Account"  and is ultimately zeroed out, etc.
TO Onliner:
            This is very thought worthy on your part and benefits you as well as the Church.  Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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