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          TO: Interested  Christians                                                                                  FROM: Jim Bramer, Retired Auditor-CPA 
                                                                                                                                             FILE: 0469-01/env

           RE: Spending Controls Truisms                                                                      Originated in August 2004                  

    >>  Spending/Buying decisions are made from updated/current Spending Controls info --- not only from Bank or Credit Card Balamce info Click Here and locate sample Spending Control  Fiscal Reports that provide such info. 

   >>  All family receipts flow into the Bank Acct (could be either checking or Savings accts);  No cashing of any family checks etc  -- green stuff in purse/wallet/bag  comes from actions like use of ATMs which are a part of Spending Control activity..  Of course, this does not apply to checks received by individuals as gifts.

   >>  Source of Green Stuff  should be via ATMs (or write and cash checks payable to cash, etc) --- do not cash incoming checks that should be under Envelope spending control, etc

   >>  Spousal duties are identified and agreeably assigned -- Click Here for some details.

   >>  Generally there is a Weekly Spending Control  emphasis -- Spousal Buyers need frequent up-to-date info to function effectively.  By the way --- many of you carry the latest Report in your purse/billfold or bag for reference during the week.

   >>  Financial (Fiscal) Reports are  clearly understood by both Spouses as this enables them to make "Envelope Balance" buying decisions accordingly

   >>  Your Credit Card statement is paid off monthly without interest/fees expense.  If you are not able to do this, then you MUST immediately stop using the Credit Card to buy things.

   >>  Place Envelope balances like "Future Events" into the one Savings account.  There is something  "Hands Off"  about money that exists within a Savings account. 

   >>  I feel it unnecessary for the husband and wife to each have a Bank Account.  My rationale is explained when you Click Here;  if such division of the money is really needed,  then it can be done  via the Spending Control  system.


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